Democrats Accepting Farrakhan Is Like Us Accepting the Klan


The Democrat Party has refused to disavow Louis Farrakhan except for an occasional murmur. Yet, there is no difference between Farrakhan and the Klan. Democrats raised a furor over the President once being in the same room with David Duke, many years ago. President Trump has repeatedly disavowed David Duke. Where is the outcry against the supporters of the hatemonger?

This is all but forgotten less than two weeks later and the Democrats have yet to disavow Farrakhan. The media is oddly uninterested in this story.


Rep. Jan Schakowsky condemned Farrakhan in early March but defended all his Democrat supporters after he condemned Jews.

Farrakhan went on an anti-Semitic rant less than a month ago, saying Jews “were responsible for all of this filth and degenerate behavior that Hollywood is putting out, turning men into women and women into men.” That was one hateful comment among many hateful statements about Jews and whites.

At least seven Congressmen, who are all members of the Congressional Black Caucus, have a relationship with Louis Farrakhan. They will not disavow him despite his vile, hate speech.  Danny Davis recently described Farrakhan as an “outstanding human being”.

They despise Jews ironically although the Jews have been their biggest supporters. According to the American Defense League, about 12% of whites are bigoted against Jews, but 36% of blacks are anti-Semites.

It is hard to understand the hatred when it is Jews who continually advocate for blacks. It is hard to understand why the party of goodness will not disavow the DNC Chair Keith Ellison who lied about his relationship with Farrakhan.

In 2009, Congresswoman Maxine Waters and other members of the CBC were at a meeting hugging the anti-white, anti-Semitic, anti-police, anti-America Farrakhan. Watch the video below. They’ve lied for years about their closeness to Farrakhan but we now have some video evidence.

They won’t disavow him because they are not the caring party. Democrats are the party of the hard-left, felons, anti-Americans, illegal alien criminals, and misfits. These are the people who advocate for criminals, terrorists, killing babies to the moment of birth, corrupt DoJ/FBI officials, communists, socialists, open borders, and a one-party government ruled by them.

They are, however, close to disavowing God and Christians, along with Jews and whites and police.

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