WaPo’s Actual Headline: “Suspected UVA gunman had troubled childhood, but then flourished”


The Washington Post published an article titled, “Suspected UVA gunman had troubled childhood, but then flourished.” The title is now: “Suspected U-Va. gunman was scrutinized by threat assessment team for weapon, police say.

On Monday, Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. was the target of a police manhunt that has shut down the U-Va. campus in Charlottesville for nearly 12 hours. …

The Washington Post wrote a puff piece on the UVA gunman. The poor dear had a troubled childhood and was doing well.

This poor dear that WaPo feels sorry for killed three football players and wounded two others.

A woman identified as Jones’s mother, Margo, answered a Washington Post reporter’s call Monday morning.

“I can tell you now that Chris was a good kid,” she said before hanging up.

Yeah, he’s great, Maw!

He committed a gun crime recently and was involved in a hazing incident last year.

Look at how they showed this nice photo:

The three men he murdered were actually good kids. The father of Lavel Davis Jr. wrote a four-word message on Facebook.

“Lord please help me,” Lavel Davis Sr. said in a Facebook post on Monday, The Roanoke Times reported. But, WaPo decided to sympathize with the murderer. That’s sick.

UVA murder victims of Chris Darnell Jones Jr

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