Republicans Lost Independents Two Weeks Before the Vote – Why?


Mark Levin said on his show last night that there would never be a red wave. The GOP had to fill five seats to catch up, fight to keep 20 seats in GOP hands and topple incumbents. Democrats only had to fight for 14 seats. It was too heavy a lift.

The official count in the House is 2012 and 2004 in favor of Republicans. The races are very close. We also had a lot of close races in Republican areas, possibly because we are losing our country to the far-left.

It’s still too close to call. Republicans lost some races counted as definitely red, such as the Washington race that Joe Kent lost, and ares in Pennsylvania.

The dial doesn’t move much anymore, and Democrats have more money. Early voting, mail-in ballots, and ballot harvesting are swinging some votes, as do the crazy new processes of voting like ranked-choice voting.


It is very important to win the less ideological Independent voters.

According to exit polls conducted for CNN and other news networks by Edison Research, 49% of independent voters nationwide chose Democratic candidates for the House, while 47% opted for Republicans.

That’s a major change from the last four midterm elections.

Republican candidates held a 4-point lead among independent voters due to independents’ widespread dissatisfaction with the state of the economy and President Joe Biden’s policies, according to a WSJ poll conducted in late October. It looks like we lost the election in the last two weeks. We lost Independents and undecideds. The youth were worked up and showed up.

After ballots were cast, Democratic candidates won independent voters by three percentage points nationally. That was the biggest reason battleground races in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia favored Democrats, the WSJ reported. They used the results of the AP VoteCast, a large survey of midterm voters.

In 2020, Biden won independents by a 54% to 41% margin.


The elephant in the room is the 2020 election was stolen, but did people get turned off by the loud complaining? Many things unethically swung the 2020 race. Laws were changed. Zuckerberg and Soros poured unprecedented amounts of money into the furthest left candidates, and it does matter. Mail-in balloting, ballot harvesting, and early voting are highly suspect and favor Democrats. The media gave millions of dollars worth of pro-Democrat publicity. The machines had issues. Donald Trump was unfairly vilified. That’s all true. What is also true is that it was not a winning issue in the 2022 election.

Oh, and it takes days to count the races we inevitably lose.

Focusing only on Biden is terrible was not enough.

McConnell deprived some good Trump-backed candidates of funds and spent a lot on RINO Lisa Murkowski. That’s also true. Instead of worrying about how good Trump’s candidates were, he should have taken a hard look at some of the losers Democrats chose.

Victor Davis Hanson listed many of the issues that hurt the midterms. There were many.


Instead of focusing on Stop the Steal, we must look honestly at why we haven’t done better.

Independents are deciding elections, and some Republicans are turned off. For example, Dr. Oz had very high unlikeable at 58%. He was roundly rejected in red areas. When the NY Times interviewed the conservatives, they said they voted for Fetterman since he already held office and Oz was just a rich guy and a carpetbagger. Some say it was because they were bigoted against him since he is a Muslim. No one interviewed said that, but during the primary, some Republicans were put off by the fact that he skipped a US primary vote to vote in Turkey. So they joined Democrats and voted for the Pennsylvanian vegetable who lived off his parents until he was 50.

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Many Republicans didn’t offer much of a positive agenda. They didn’t really explain how they’d fix things. Governors Abbott, DeWine, and DeSantis did, and they won handily. They felt the pulse of the people and responded with a winning agenda.

Also, two weeks before the election, the youth were successfully stirred up over abortion. The same numbers came out proportionately, but there were more of them eligible to vote. That helped Democrats.

Let’s not forget Democrats have a corrupt and effective machine. They actually go into nursing homes and help them fill out ballots when they have very little brain function. I have been there and watched it. I was helping Lee Zeldin at the time and was not allowed to speak. Only the Democrats could speak.

Far-Left Democrats have the schools, media, entertainment, corporations, the rich, and they’re tied to a global movement that destroys the middle class and freedoms. Apparently, the war and funding for Ukraine is still popular, so people shouldn’t have talked about canceling the funds. Rick Scott came up with a plan for saving Social Security and Medicare that taxes recipients. That allowed Democrats to lie and say Republicans wanted to ditch it.

As far as Trump-backed candidates, they were deprived of funds, and McConnell’s candidate fared better overall. We don’t have the media and have to be very careful when assessing and responding to the situation.

Just looking at news reports, we know this happened in the last two weeks:
  • Biden got gas prices down, illicitly, but down nonetheless.
  • Inflation went down slightly.
  • Biden promised unconstitutional freebies to people buried in college debt.
  • Abortion blew up again.
  • The media blamed Republicans for the Pelosi attack.
  • Funding Ukraine is popular.
  • Suggesting taxing Social Security more was damaging.
  • True the Vote researchers were arrested.
  • The constant media attacks against Donald Trump seemed effective. Claims that DJT would be arrested might have helped Democrats.
  • Kanye antisemitism claims was used against Republicans.
  • Cheney was vociferous, but we don’t think anyone listens to her.
  • Nordstream blew up.
  • Media claimed Antifa didn’t burn any cities down.
  • Democrats wouldn’t debate or they waited until it was after early voting.
  • Democrats ran as Republicans and hid their beliefs with the media backing them up.
  • There was the threat to democracy babble.
  • Media churned up the hate speech and fearmongering.

And, also, media, media, media. We can’t win easily with a corrupt, activist media. Maybe Trump can’t win against them. They’ll see him in prison before they let him win.

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Trump Won
Trump Won
1 year ago

You layed it all on the line. The good, the bad and the ugly. Bottom line, if one of the negatives you mentioned in this article was the problem, perhaps there would have been a red wave. But when you throw all the other obstacles into the mix, we get clobbered. At the end of the day, it’s the media, the media, the media…..and a very sad day for America.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

I don’t believe this story. I do not care what after the fact statements establishment Mark Levin says, as if he is a genius. Polls showed people were very unsatisfied with the state of things, including the economy and culture, and that always works against the ruling party. Conditions were such that independents would vote republican.

In 2020, some states did not change the laws, but violated those laws, which was the basis of the large multi-state lawsuit which the Supreme Court refused to hear.

I agree that most republicans did not aggressively campaign against the left, that also happened in 2018 and 2020. Ryan and Mitch emphasized that posture, to run silently.

1 year ago

A good part of the Republicans problem is the line, we have the facts on our side. Ben Shapiro has made that line famous. Facts, by itself, only work in the academic setting. Whether liking it or not, emotion does play a significant part in a discourse. But there is more to emotion than mere ‘tugging at the heartstrings’. What is overlooked is passion, and this is what DeSantis has shown time and again, while most Republicans seem bland at best. Without passion I would have to assume the typical Republican really doesn’t believe in what they are saying. Democrats, on the other hand, are passionate in nearly everything.

Another factor is ideology. People on the right are aghast at how a Biden or Fetterman can succeed. They don’t have to. The left has an ideology that all adhere to and none stray away from. Therefore it matters little who the individual is. They will vote the ideology the leadership espouses. The difference is Republicans have no qualms in voting against their constituents. Therefore, why should Independents consider that Party. What agenda have they followed through with. The last time Republicans unified behind an agenda was with the Contract for America. For some reason what worked after generations of failure has never been repeated. What does that say about a Party. It says to me they don’t mind Not winning.

1 year ago

The Story is “The youth were worked up and showed up.” The Reality is the youth vote was Ballot Harvested or their vote was just plain stolen when they didn’t show up to vote. Young people don’t vote, they protest. I asked around and almost no one under 25 voted in my county. We don’t just mail out ballots here. Being a Conservative State where people work for a living, except the Drug infested Liberal Democrat Cities, Abortion and Loan Forgiveness just wasn’t an issue Statewide.

I don’t think Abortion and Loan forgiveness won the Election for Democrats, but the claim makes good cover for harvesting their Ballots. When My Liberal Family members complain about high prices, I’m just going to tell them it’s because they Don’t Vote Republican. I don’t want to hear any Liberal complain! I live in a Bright Red State for a Reason. Have a Cold Winter!

1 year ago

Abortion killed it for republicans. Canceling college loans won it for democrats. The young people spoke. Pass the joint and give me another craft beer. Is as simple as that. The guy who really won the election for democrats was the person who leaked the Supreme Court abortion ruling early.