Creepy son of Joe Biden discusses smoking crack with Marion Berry


This clip was obtained by the Stew Peters Show via Jack Maxey. It allegedly came from Hunter’s laptop. You can hear vulgar, idiotic Hunter chatting about smoking crack with another loser, former mayor Marion Berry.

Hunter is proud of his disgusting womanizing, laughs about racism while dropping ‘F-bombs,’ and it’s all about him.

He wants to know when he “gets to be Hercules.”

We have no idea why this garbage was on his laptop as if it was in some way worthy of preservation.

Aside from being a narcissistic, lascivious, fool, we’re sure he’s a great guy.

Can you imagine if Donald Trump Jr. said and did things like this?


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Lucas Kool
Lucas Kool
2 years ago

That should be a new monument by the reflecting pond, esteemed party members enjoy R&R time with vibrant enriching MC Hammer crack pipes.
Maybe install some lighting so that the pipes glow and have some booming subwoofers in the background with some rap going.
Yes we can! (Made In China)