Cries of racism as police arrest spring breaker kicking him (video)


The Miami Beach police are under pressure trying to keep the spring breakers from congregating, BlueLivesMatter reported. In mid-March, the police answered a call to break up crowds that were also engaged in several fights.

A woman was punching a police car and cursing. Police said 19-year-old Jaises Elam started “chasing in an attempt to obstruct him from making an arrest.” She collided with another officer joining the chase and both fell to the ground. The officer got up a second before her and she started to get up when he shoved her back down.

She kicked him and he held her down by her upper chest near her neck. She struggled and kicked him several more times as other officers came over to help him arrest her.

The NAACP screamed ‘racism’ and they want the officer who held her and was kicked terminated.

The police union stands behind the officer.

“When you have tens of thousands of people in a crowd, that’s what we’re targeting,” the supportive mayor explained. “We’re not targeting a race. We’re targeting crowds.”

Watch this and you decide what’s racist about this:

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Hope Isn't A Strategy
Hope Isn't A Strategy
3 years ago

The poison fruit of the police acted stupidly porch beer summit. Hopey changey. Yes we can!