Criminals Bagging Weapons Sent to Ukraine Without Oversight


Ukraine is losing Donbas and President Zelenskyy says Russia controls about 20% of Ukraine. Weapons and cash that the US and EU sent to Ukraine without any oversight are falling into the hands of criminals. It’s another Biden-led mess.

Oleksandr Ratushniak, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Sen. Rand Paul tried to get some oversight of the weapons sent to Ukraine. There was zero oversight. Paul couldn’t convince his colleagues of the need, although they are now expressing concern, after billions of dollars went out.

Europe is deeply concerned that the weapons are about to flood into the EU. Some in Ukraine are selling them on the blackmarket. Criminals are getting their hands on them.

Politicians, like Elizabeth Warren, are finally showing concern.

Sen. Warren (D-Mass.), a member of the Armed Services Committee, said in an email that a full accounting of the already-appropriated funding will be “critically important for both past and future funding requests.”

“The U.S. government is sending billions in humanitarian, economic, and military assistance to help the Ukrainian people overcome Putin’s brutal war. And the American people expect strong oversight by Congress and full accounting from the Department of Defense,” she added.

Again this is after $50 billion or more in weapons and cash were already sent.

Ukraine Might Use US Missiles to Strike Crimea?

The US is sending drones and long-range rockets, despite Russia saying this could lead to direct war. Biden sent them on a promise from Ukraine President Zelenskyy to Secretary of State Antony Blinken that they wouldn’t use them to hit Russia. However, a top Ukraine official now says they may use them against Crimea, which is considered Russian territory since 2014.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called Ukraine’s repeated push for more weapons a “direct provocation intended to draw the West into the fighting.” He warned that U.S.-supplied multiple rocket launchers would raise the risk of an expanded conflict.

Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Alexey Arestovich allegedly said on Thursday that Crimea belongs to Ukraine. That’s according to Russian media.

“Crimea is ours. It belongs to Ukraine. And they [Russia] know it. Therefore, it will fly to Crimea double-time, should the need arise”, he pointed out, alleging that Kiev has already successfully struck targets on the peninsula.

The War Isn’t Going Well

Ukraine President Zelenskyy said they are losing 60-100 soldiers a day.

Ukrainians fled the front-line towns in eastern Ukraine as Russian forces sought to push beyond the city of Severodonetsk.

Kyiv retreated and moved on, attempting to break the Russian defenses in areas where Moscow’s occupying forces are more thinly stretched.

The battle for the eastern Donbas region is inflicting heavy casualties on both sides and has uprooted tens of thousands of civilians seeking to escape the intense fighting.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in a speech to Luxembourg’s Parliament on Thursday, said that Russia controls about 20% of Ukrainian territory and that the front line stretches for more than 600 miles.

The town of Pokrovsk, 80 miles southwest of Severodonetsk, has become a temporary refuge for hundreds of people who each day are fleeing areas increasingly being shelled by Russian forces looking to expand their offensive in Donbas, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Britain pledged Thursday to send sophisticated medium-range rocket systems to Ukraine. They are joining the United States and Germany in equipping the embattled nation with advanced weapons. They will shoot down aircraft and knock out artillery.

Western arms have kept the war going for 99 days.

Russian forces closed in on a key city in recent days. As a result, the Ukrainian government said its fighters needed better rocket launchers to prevail. “This pumping of Ukraine with weapons… will bring more suffering to Ukraine, which is merely a tool in the hands of those countries that supply it with weapons,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, reports CBS.

Russia Is Winning in Donbas

Russia is in control of Kherson and Zaporozhye. The Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions are strategically important to Russia for many reasons. First, they are part of the land corridor between Crimea and Rostov. Second, the area encompassing the Donbass and southern Ukraine, which was historically called Novorossiya, is, unlike Crimea, an industrial and agricultural powerhouse, according to state propaganda outlet RT.

Russia claims they will first restore order and then possibly hold a referendum on joining Russia.

Russia isn’t done and appears ready to move beyond Donbas.

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9 months ago

People need to understand what the War in Ukraine is really about. At it’s core is Oil and Food. The CIA has been meddling the affairs in Ukraine going back to the end of WWII. Things heated up in the 1980s which in part lead to the break up of the USSR. After the break up, Europe and the US courted Ukraine with a lot of World Economic Forum Support and money. Europe is dying. Europe has little oil and gas. Much of Europe’s Oil and Gas comes from Russia. France was smart enough to go Nuclear for energy. Overall Europe can not grow enough to adequately feed their population. Without Oil and Gas, or Nuclear, Europe can’t produce enough Energy to support a Manufacturing Economy. The Ukraine had Oil and Food.

In 2010, Viktor Yanukovych became President of Ukraine and was a “Friend” of Russia. The CIA orchestrated a coup which removed him from power. Then the Petro Poroshenko “Puppet” was eventually installed and Ukraine became one of the most corrupt Governments in the World laundering Billions in WEF and Intelligence Agency money. Deals with US oil companies would have lead to Ukraine taking over much of the European Oil Market. Most of the area now controlled by Russia is Oil producing, Food producing and Sea Ports. This leaves what is left of Ukraine as a land locked country with no resources.

Putin would probably accept a Ukraine surrender and end the fighting. Putin has what he wants. Volodymyr Zelenskyy is not going to surrender because all the money from the West will dry up. The reality is America started this war over a Decade ago and today is funding this War. The real crime is the Congress just stood by and allowed 0bama and Traitor Joe to wag this war (without a Congressional Declaration of War) because it’s good for the Military Industrial Complex and feeds the Democrat and RINO “we are still fighting the Cold War Mentality”.

Last edited 9 months ago by GuvGeek
9 months ago

Operation Clusterf**K . . anything and everything to distract and cover up the crimes of Clinton, Obama and the Bidens.

9 months ago

One has to wonder how the Dims can be wrong on every thing they do. Extreme incompetence or planned?

mostly grey
mostly grey
9 months ago
Reply to  Craigusmaximus

80-90% of the happenings worldwide are scripted by the globalist cartel, AKA, the deep state. They all take their orders in a round about way by the WEF, WHO, and affiliated world control forums. Need proof? Just look at all the worlds leaders that are endorsed by and underlings of Klaus & company. Virtually every single world leader with a propensity for tyrannical behavior is endorsed by, and proxies of, the WEF. Putin, for what it’s worth, and a very few others, Bolsanaro of Brazil, Orban of Hungary, & 2-3 others are the only ones fighting the world controllers. All the rest are subservient and can’t wait for the conquest to happen, all hoping for a seat at the big table. Totally unaware they are simply the useful idiots and will be discarded once their role is complete. Along with the rest of the now useless peasant crowd.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
9 months ago

What else is new? Is there ever any oversight when it comes to taxpayers’ funding?

Peter Prange
Peter Prange
9 months ago

When a super power attacks a neighbour, what would one expect except horrible suffering? The seeds of disaster were sown in the Biden family greed and the lying attacks against the president four years ago. And now those who do not know how to constitutionally govern just increase the horrors their policies have brought not only at home, but upon innocents in places like Ukraine, Afghanistan, and probably soon in other places such as Taiwan. It is time not only to weep but to work hard to replace evil incompetents