The Persecution of Peter Navarro – Handcuffs, Leg Irons, Imprisonment


Donald Trump’s former trade advisor Peter Navarro was indicted for contempt of Congress after he refused to comply with a subpoena to appear before the January 6 subcommittee of Trump haters investigating the riot at the Capitol. The subpoena also demanded records of his time as advisor.

Mr. Navarro explained that the FBI handcuffed him and put him in leg irons as if he was a terrorist. Then they dumped him in John Hinckley’s prison cell. The FBI are terrorists. This is real Brownshirt stuff.


The panel is comprised of radical left Democrats who hate Donald Trump and two Republicans who hate Donald Trump.

During the court hearing, Navarro, who is defending himself as he faces two misdemeanor contempt counts, charged the lawmakers on the panel with acting inappropriately.

Navarro isn’t hiring lawyers due to the expense.

He said Friday that he doesn’t want to “spend his retirement savings on lawyers.”

Obviously, the panel and the Attorney General do want him to spend his retirement savings.

“Who are these people,” Navarro said. “This is not America. I mean, I was a distinguished public servant for four years and nobody ever questioned my ethics. And they’re treating me in this fashion.”

Navarro said he was arrested as he was boarding a plane to Nashville on Friday on his way to make a television appearance. He accused federal law enforcement of “prosecutorial misconduct” for the way he was taken into custody.

“There are bigger things at play than whether I go to prison,” he said. “And that’s why I’m standing here.”

Not only is Navarro being treated like a criminal by partisan hatchet men, but when he was served with the subpoena, the FBI banged on his door, yelling, in the wee hours of the morning.

Navarro faces up to a year in jail and $100,000 in fines on the two counts of contempt of Congress.

The Left doesn’t like the fact that he is outspoken and they want to neutralize him. The panel of Trump haters also want him to break Presidential Privilege. Merrick Garland is doing the bidding of these people.

The Full Interview:

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