Cringe Film Narrated by Delusional Tom Hanks — US Is Doing Great – Really Great


Your grandma murdered, along with half a million others, half of our small businesses destroyed, 6 trillion dollars printed, a generation of kids doomed to ignorance, the Constitution shredded, all so the Democrats could steal an election.

~ Patriot

Tom Hanks, a fine actor but not-so-great political messenger, signed up for Biden’s delusional message about the success of his first year in office.

We have open borders, inflation, Covid is rampant, our foreign policy is a mess, and welfare is growing. Biden thinks he “overperformed” and Mr. Hanks is all in on that.

A video of his successes, narrated by Tom Hanks, who is also apparently delusional, will blanket the airwaves thanks to his Presidential Inaugural Committee.

We live in Soviet 2.0.

In the tape, Sandra Lindsay, a New York nurse says she “can feel the change”.

So can we all.

President Biden says near the end: “I’ve never been more optimistic about America’s future.”

There are no words.

Goebbels is sitting up in the grave going ‘geez, turn down the propaganda, guys’

Let’s Go Brandon.

~ YouTube user

The ad is BS from beginning to end. It claims the economy is almost back. Hanks falsely states that Biden has created jobs when in fact, the only jobs are those that returned and we are still nearly 4 million short. He has NOT CREATED ONE JOB.

They have other real people who claim business is “booming,” we are all “thriving,” and more jobs were created in the last year than in the past 80 years says delusional Hanks.

Hanks says we’re stronger than before. Another real American says no president has invested as much in America. That’s our tax money we don’t have, real American. What people don’t understand about where inflation comes from and being broke is a mystery.

Et Tu, Tom?

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