Croczilla Sunbathes in the Everglades


Rarely seen Croczilla, an enormous 14-foot crocodile made an appearance in the Florida Everglades so he could sunbathe a bit.

Quick Facts About Saltwater Crocodiles

  • As Old as Dinosaurs. Saltwater Crocodiles are one of the oldest creatures to walk the planet. …
  • The Biggest reptiles in the Entire World. …
  • Crocodiles lay eggs. …
  • Pack a Mean Punch. …
  • They cannot Sweat. …
  • Top of the food chain. …
  • They can only eat above ground. …
  • Faster than Speedy Gonzales.

The media says crocodiles, regulate their body temperature by opening their mouths and releasing heat just like a politician.

More From Fact Animal

Crocodiles are large reptiles that habitat the tropics of the Americas, Australia, Africa and Asia. Europe is the only continent that they don’t natively live in.

They are members of the order Crocodilia, which also includes alligatorscaimans, and gharials.

Habitat: Wetland areas – Freshwater rivers, or lakes. Or saltwater – residing in estuaries, lagoons, or mangrove swamps.
Location: Africa, Asia, The Americas, Australia
Lifespan: 35 – 75 Years
Size: 4.9 – 23 ft (1.5 m – 7 m)
Weight: 40 – 2,600 lb (18 – 1,200 kg)
Color: Dark green when adult. Yellow with black striples when young.
Diet: Fish, Amphibians, Birds, Reptiles, Mammals
Predators: Other crocodiles. Big cats, such as jaguars and leopards. Anacondas and pythons. When small, large birds, such as heron or shoebill.
Top Speed: 35 Kph (22 Mph) swimming
No. of Species:
Conservation Status:
4 Species Endangered: Orinoco, Philippine, Cuban, Siamese

2 Species Vulnerable: American, Dwarf.

Crocodiles are semi-aquatic and live in wetland areas, freshwater rivers or lakes, or saltwater –  residing in estuaries, lagoons, or mangrove swamps rather than far out at sea.

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2 months ago

So hot and humid in Florida. Plenty of lakes and streams and other areas of water to cool off in but you can’t go in them. Over 1 million gators there. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.