Life Reduced To A Footnote In History – Unabridged


by Anthony Stark


Every November 22 it becomes more and more clear that the JFK Assassination has passed from being first current events, then history and has now rapidly moved into the realm of myth.

I note this as I received the following extremely well written and thought-provoking note from a friend who, like myself, is well versed on many aspects and minutia surrounding the assassination, having read many books on the subject from all sorts of angles.

After reading such material, one realizes that the list of players in this drama is quite enormous; in fact, each of the myriad footnotes in this vast compendium of information is itself polyphiloprogenitive in that every minor player and event is the jumping off point for other facts, theories, speculations and, of course, conspiracies… most of which lead to MORE BOOKS on the subject, with more footnotes, on and on, seemingly forever.

The question no longer seems to be “Who killed JFK?” but rather “Who didn’t kill JFK?” since everyone seems to have been involved in the plot.

It is one of those footnotes – in fact, a quite minor footnote – in JFK assassination literature that concerns me here.

This is because the note my friend sent struck me as extremely poignant as well as very sensitive to the situation of two people who became one of those footnotes.

Here is what my friend, who is very protective of his anonymity, wrote:

Cord Meyer never got over his ex-wife. The tough CIA operative, with

his glass eye and war-scarred face, wept publicly throughout her

memorial service. Hardened as he was by then, indentured to the

Company as surely as a Mafia lieutenant is to his capo, she must have

represented for him the man he might have been. Many years later,

caught in a fleeting moment of transparency and maybe remorse, he was

asked who he thought had murdered Mary Meyer. “The same sons of

bitches who killed Kennedy,” he said, and he was in a position to

know. As far as the record goes, he never spoke on the subject again.

As to what Jack Kennedy and Mary Meyer might be able to tell us about

who those sons of bitches were, I can offer only this observation,

gleaned from Shakespeare, Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, and my own personal

experience. A corollary of the “keep your enemies closer” adage is

that when it comes to political or professional hits, we are far more

likely to be struck from within our family of familiars than from

without it. The gravest danger comes from those we’ve first embraced

and then rejected. Those with whom we were once, even fleetingly,

“complicit.” John Kennedy played both sides throughout his brief

reign: he had to. The times were that dangerous and the stakes that

high. It’s part of the art of ruling. He was born for it, and he

enjoyed it. But the strategy comes with a high risk, for sooner or

later the ruler must choose, and someone’s going to feel burned.

History shows that, by and large, Kennedy made — or was on his way to

making — the right choices, and that it cost him dearly. And my gut

tells me that Mary Meyer, with her vision of a turned-on world, was

the physical embodiment of those choices.

Lee Harvey Oswald was in the sixth floor window, and whether or not

the shots from his twelve-dollar mail order rifle were the only ones

fired, it’s inconceivable to me that others did not know he was up

there. He was on too many radar screens, and had too many handlers

enmeshing him in too many nets. He was allowed to slip through those

nets by people who were most likely known to his victim. This is how

most conspiracy works: it “lets things happen.” It permits history to

move along one vector rather than another, leaving us no choice

afterwards but to feel the game is rigged. One needn’t be an active

agent in the plot, only to let it unfold. In this sense, the tears

have been tears of remorse as well as of genuine grief.


I think that, despite its brevity, the ramifications of the note above are very much worth considering.

I find it especially ironic that Cord and Mary Meyer, who in their youth were two rather beyond naive, glassy-eyed pacifist Old-Leftists (Mary being a Lefty ditz writer and artist who was former aide to… wait for it… Harold Stassen!! …and Cord, who was a stooge for the globalist One World Federalists organization) were co-opted, used, thrown away and bumped off by the Deep State Intelligence organs they defected to.

At the time, that Deep State was largely run by Establishment Corporatists like Allen Dulles – who was the person that recruited the intelligent but gullible Cord after he became disillusioned when he found out that so many Communists and their sympathizers had not only infiltrated the OWF but, under Roosevelt’s New Deal Administration, large parts of the Federal Government as well.  Once inside the Intelligence Community, he was also befriended by Counter-Intelligence Chief James Jesus Angleton.

Both these men were the deepest of Deep State operatives and both  appear to be neck deep in all the conspiracy theories regarding the JFK assassination and subsequent cover-up.

Seduced by the intense power such men gave off at the height of the Cold War and basking in the reflected limelight that proximity to such types gave them, it is easy to see how much Cord and Mary probably enjoyed running around at Georgetown parties with scions of the Liberal Establishment such as Clark Clifford, Joe Alsop and Katherine Graham…. and, oh yeah, with Mary winding up in a… uhhh… position to be one of JFK’s innumerable love affairs!

Of course, Joe McCarthy accused Cord Meyer of being a Communist…  a movement that McCarthy was probably conflating, as he was wont to do, with the much larger neo-Fascist Transnational Progressive globalist project that he didn’t really understand… or rather, was it that he didn’t want to understand?

That is, did he or didn’t he comprehend how, to a large part, Communism… and for that matter, Nazism… were (are) actually Tranzi subsets that the Elites created and then lost control of, much to the misery of the American people, which these plutocrat elitists despise above all else.

For anyone interested in knowing more about the repeated attempts by corporate powerhouses to create, finance, take over and then lose control of the dangerous forces they set in motion, please see Antony Sutton’s monumental World Street Trilogy including “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution,” Wall Street and FDR” and “Wall Street and the Rise of Hiter.”

Sutton definitively exposes how the neo-Fascist Corporatists running Exxon, G.E., I.T.T., J.P. Morgan, the Chase Manhattan Bank and many other members of the business elite all played a role in financing and promoting the very elements that resulted in some of the most destructive wars and revolutions in history.

Of course, all this was either unknown or didn’t bother Cord and Mary, who were enjoying their associations with the rich and powerful.

Cord had served honorably as a Marine in WW II and was a wounded Pacific combat vet who lost his eye fighting on Guam; it’s no wonder he was first attracted to the idealistic pacifism of the World Federalists and later to globalist worldview offered by the Transnational Progressive vision that wanted to “abolish Nation States and the wars they caused” and “remake” the planet into a peaceful, borderless, corporate-run “New World Order.”

Basically, Planet Earth Inc.

In fact, Cord was so suspect of having Leftwing tendencies that the FBI targeted him as a security risk for having once stood at the same podium of a “notorious leftist” and refused to give him a security clearance. However, his well-placed advocates in the Establishment Power Elites claimed that they had conducted an internal CIA inquiry and summarily dismissed the claims.

Cord’s career at CIA was exemplary.  In her book “Katherine the Great,” author Deborah Davis claims that he became the “principal operative” of “Operation Mockingbird,” a plan designed to secretly influence domestic and foreign media. His friendship with Angleton got him a job leading the CIA’s International Operations Division and he later headed the Covert Action Staff in 1962.

From 1967 to 1973, Meyer was the CIA’s Assistant Deputy Director of Plans and from 1973 to 1976 was the CIA station chief in London, England.

As such, St. John Hunt, the son of former CIA agent and Watergate figure E. Howard Hunt, claimed that his father had implicated Cord, along with other shadowy CIA operatives like Frank Sturgis, as being involved in the conspiracy that resulted in the assassination in Dallas.

Cord’s wife Mary herself is just as interesting and politically complicated.

Her father, Amos, was a wealthy, progressive-minded NYC lawyer who was a member of the Progressive Party that ran Teddy Roosevelt’s failed race for president in 1912. Amos also funded the socialist magazine, “The Masses.” Her mother, Ruth, wrote for influential leftwing magazines such as the New Republic and The Nation. She grew up around the cream of leftwing intellectuals including FDR’s right-hand man, Harold Ickes, Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis and Robert Lafollette Sr. She attended elite schools and graduated from Vasser.  She went on to write for the United Press and joined the socialist American Labor Party… which was noticed by the FBI.

She met Cord, a fellow pacifist who also shared her favorable view of a globalist United Nations as a solution to the virulent Nationalism that was held responsible for the World Wars and, as noted above, after he joined the CIA, they moved among the elites of Georgetown Society in Washington DC.

In 1954, John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie moved next door to the Meyers.

While Cord was off on missions for the CIA in Europe, where he ran Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty and other US anti-Soviet information (propaganda?) outfits; he was also funneling millions of dollars in U.S. government funds worldwide to support progressive-seeming foundations and organizations that opposed the USSR.

Meanwhile, Mary was now Jackie’s friend, with whom she took long walks around town; she was so close to the Washington elites that her friend from college married Angleton and her sister married Ben Bradlee, who was then the Bureau Chief for Newsweek.

When the Meyer’s 9-year-old son died in a car accident near their home, their marriage crumbled and they divorced in 1956.

Mary had always exhibited artistic talent and she began to associate with successful artists who were happy to be in the company of someone who knew so many important and influential people.

In the book “A Very Private Woman” by Nina Burleigh, the author notes that after divorcing Cord, Mary became “a well-bred ingenue out looking for fun and getting in trouble along the way.”

She certainly found it.

Attracted by both her looks and sophistication, she had become one of JFK’s many lovers and, hearing that she was keeping a diary, her old “friend” Angleton began tapping her phone.

Burleigh notes that one of JFK’s aides, Myer Feldman told her that “I think he (JFK) might have thought more of her than some of the other women and discussed things that were on his mind, not just social gossip… Mary might actually have been a force for peace during some of the most frightening years of the Cold War …”

Yes… and Power Elite was not happy with the idea that a peacenik with a Leftwing pedigree might not be the best person to be sleeping with the President, who the Establishment already suspected of being too weak and soft on Communism… to say nothing of her whispering into his ear her Liberal views on domestic issues such as Civil Rights and the frightful danger that the Welfare – Warfare state presented to world peace, as seen most recently during the Cuban Missile Crisis, which almost led to WW III.

The post-1945 Order that had established, seemingly forever, the Welfare- Warfare state had made the Establishment Elites even more rich and powerful than they already were after the Second World War; the prospect of a somewhat flaky, peacenik idealist like Mary influencing JFK, was certainly not one the Power Elite looked kindly upon.

Kennedy’s experience in Cuba where, due to his negotiated settlement with the Soviets, he managed to anger all the Establishment elements – the military, the Intelligence services and the Corporate power structure – was perhaps a fatal error.

Did he confide to Mary his misgivings about what it meant to be “Mr. President?”  Was he really the Chief Executive, the Commander in Chief, the ultimate decision-making authority?

Or was there another, higher, collective level of command?

LSD guru Timothy Leary alleges in his autobiography “Flashback” that he met Pinchot Meyer several times. Leary claims that Mary was interested in how LSD worked and that she took psilocybin with him. Ever the proto-hippie, Mary supposedly told him that there were “powerful men” in Washington who wanted to “use drugs for warfare, for espionage, for brainwashing” rather than use the drug to expand the consciousness of the rich and powerful in order to get them to promote world peace.

Leary further claims that Mary was frightened that one of the women she recruited for her plan of “turning on” powerful men in Washington “snitched” and she warned Leary that they were both in danger.

Of course, the drug-addled Leary is hardly a reliable source; but we are talking about a woman who was attracted to the non-conventional, from spies to artists to socialist activists to those who advocated experimentation with drugs. Perhaps she did open up to Leary in some manner, even if it was not as Leary describes.  In any event, we can be fairly certain that a woman, the former wife of one of their high-level operatives, who the FBI and the CIA knew was sleeping with the President of the United States and who was hanging around with a kook known for promoting psychedelic drug use, must have sounded many alarms within the Establishment’s leather-bound government offices and cigar and brandy clubs.

Worst of all, as mentioned earlier, Mary kept a diary; in his 1995 memoir, “A GOOD LIFE,” Ben Bradlee alleged that he caught James Angleton breaking into Mary’s home looking for that diary, which Angleton found and later destroyed.

Just 11 months after the assassination, Mary was herself murdered under mysterious circumstances that were never convincingly explained. One man arrested for the crime was eventually acquitted of the murder and the murder… like so much else involved with the assassination… remains “unsolved.”

Cord remained with the CIA and retired in 1977; he became a syndicated columnist and died, fairly un-noticed, in 2001.  He kept his mouth tightly shut regarding any and all comment on the assassination (save the one noted above) to the very end.

Both Cord and Mary followed a very winding path that, for Mary, literally wound up in a dead end and for Cord, who despite all remained… or felt constrained to remain… intimately involved with a career supporting those who opposed all the ideals he held close earlier in his life.

How did he feel regarding those who destroyed the “man he could have been?”  Did he resent his Faustian bargain that sold his soul to “The Company?”

In fact, perhaps both Cord and Kennedy saw the same thing in Mary… the free spirited, artistic, upper crust bohemian idealist… that they thought they could have been had the resisted the siren call to power…

Instead, as my friend penetratingly writes, “This is how most conspiracy works: it “lets things happen.” It permits history to move along one vector rather than another, leaving us no choice afterwards but to feel the game is rigged.”

Unfortunately for the Meyers, they realized too late that the game they thought they were themselves rigging was instead rigged against them… not by enemies, but by those professing to be friends and colleagues and mentors.

What happened to them reduced their lives to mere footnotes in a tragedy that still, for some reason, remains a mysteriously painful wound, even 60 years after it happened… perhaps because the Nation retains its dark suspicions that the game remains rigged.


Antony Stark is the co-author of the book “The Seventh Crisis – Why Millennials Must Re-Establish Ordered Liberty


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Brian Boru
Brian Boru
3 months ago

The crime of the millennium continues to fascinate. Mr. stark focuses on two key people who have been hidden from much oversight. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Count Pete
Count Pete
3 months ago

Excellent insights into one of the more interesting loose ends of the assassination story.

Howard Roark
Howard Roark
3 months ago
Reply to  Count Pete

It is not often you come across something that manages to break the tired monotony that modern political and historical discourse has become. What a great, interesting read! As a frequent visitor to The Sentinel, I would love to see an occasional long-form essay type article like this more often!

2 months ago
Reply to  Howard Roark

The game indeed remains rigged! It has become increasingly clear the Globalists intentions for a borderless, or ‘One World’ were part of this assassination, and their lust for power continues, I.e. Global Warming. This article has enlightened my knowledge of the assassination of JFK. I was also completely unaware of the Myers, and their connection to the murder of JFK. There is, and has always been in my mind that a conspiracy at the highest levels of power took down JFK and changed the country forever. I thoroughly enjoyed the historical references having not read anywhere near what the author or his friend have on this subject.