Crooked YouTube suspends President’s account


Alphabet’s YouTube has suspended President Trump’s video channel for at least seven days for the “ongoing potential for violence.”

It’s a first strike. A second strike gets him two weeks suspension. A third strike in ninety days warrants a permanent suspension.

He apparently said something that could anger his supporters and make them violent. The Left is painting 74 million people as the lunatics their Antifa and Black Lives Matter actually are.

They have already taken down some of his videos and will not allow commenting on the clips.

Stacey Abrams ran around for years falsely claiming the vote was stolen. The media, and Democrats, had no problem with it. She was getting the soundbite out to her ill-informed voters.

Hillary still falsely believes she won in 2016. All of her minions insisted Donald Trump was illegitimate for four years.

The short-sighted Left is cheering the decision. They only want one opinion heard — theirs. Otherwise, you will be erased.

Big Tech, corporations, unions, leftist special interest groups, and far-left Democrats are now your masters.

President Trump, disliked as he was by so many, was doing exactly what the people wanted domestically and ending wars abroad. He put Americans first. Now we go back to last place.

Everything he did and said was maligned for four years. He and his department heads suffered under constant lawsuits and verbal attacks thanks to coordinated efforts by Democrats who mobilized a complicit media and an army of bureaucrats to stall every move he made. When that wasn’t enough, they encouraged their violent communist/anarchist armies. The media made the commies into the good guys. Finally, in the end, they gave us the Third World elections.

Now that the simpleton is President on the 20th, you will see businesses open in blue states and Biden will be regaled for it. He will be given unearned credit for the virus cure. While the media found only fault with Donald Trump, they will find none with their puppet President.

President Trump temporarily saved us from the fascists and the communists.

Welcome to the first layer of Hell with radicals, crooks, liars, and fools in charge.

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They Live 1988
They Live 1988
3 years ago

Tube? I haven’t been there since 2018 after the 30 DVD-R download fest.
Some of those are gone that deal with Clown World Order, loop of Hillary’s crying butthurt supporters, woke sports and plandemic.
When I put my clown world glasses on…it’s the same thing.