Hate turns from Trump to patriots as ABC News calls for a ‘cleansing’



ABC News political director Rick Klein has called for “cleansing the movement” President Trump has led. “Getting rid of Trump is the easy part,” he said in a tweet.

Klein deleted it since he realizes we are not yet ready to learn the truth, but the Internet is not easily erased and Omri Ceren preserved his tweet.

This wasn’t an aberration for ABC News or any of the mainstream media. The media plans to turn Trump hate to supporters. That’s the plan.

Thursday, on the website’s political analysis page “The Note,” Klein and Mary Alice Parks, ABC News deputy political director, co-wrote a piece that called for a similar “cleansing” of the Trump movement before it was later stealthily edited to change that vague and dark language, Fox News reported.

Klein leads the network’s dishonest political coverage and provides analysis across its platforms.

That last section originally read, “Cleansing the movement he commands or getting rid of what he represents to so many Americans, is going to be something else.”

ABC News and Klein cleaned up their creepy Stalinist language, but too late, we get it. They will use the riot in a 99% peaceful protest to de-platform and otherwise silence 74 million Americans.

The establishment wants a one-party state, and you and I must shut up and abide by their rules without retaliation.


Laura Ingraham warned viewers Tuesday that the Left is calling for Trump supporters to be “de-programmed” like Chinese dissidents.

She called out Washington Post associate editor Eugene Robinson, who said during an appearance on MSNBC earlier Tuesday that “there are millions of Americans, almost all White, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed.

“It is as though they are members of a cult, the Trumpist cult,” added Robinson.

No, Robinson, Trump gave voice to who we are and what we want to preserve, you fool. The movement doesn’t need President Trump to continue.

They now want to put our children in re-education camps, but they already have that in our public schools. We’ve gone from re-education to cleansing when the Left is honest.
All those things Donald J. Trump fought for are gone. Individual liberty will become collectivism; a strong military will become weak; national sovereignty will become global sovereignty. In fact, the dangerous Ilhan Omar, who likely married her brother, is calling for us to let the UN, the Dictator’s Club, lead the way since she thinks we have lost our moral grounding.

While 99% of the rally last Wednesday was peaceful, all Trump voters were painted with the same brush as the Capitol radicals.

The rogue right-wingers gave the Left exactly what they wanted. The only way to continue, for now, is through peaceful and massive demonstrations. Follow the MLK Jr. model.


They will re-program us by “making us afraid.” There must no longer be “reconciliation,” they say, and the Right must be “punished.” The Left says they’ve “emboldened” the Right by trying to compromise, and now we only need “enforcement.”

American First will become anathema as the media turns from hating Trump to hating all supporters of America First.

We cannot be patriotic, want sovereignty, and the Right must fall in line – that is the message from the Left and the Left media.

They are dangerous and violent. Watch this if you don’t believe me:

Communism and fascism are winning in America.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
3 years ago

This coward Klein and his socialist ilk may just get their clock cleaned and of course these gutless creeps will get their BLM Marxists and ANTIFA anarchist slaves to do their dirty work.

3 years ago

The actual racists want to commit ethnic cleansing. How nice.

Czar Of Uncivility
Czar Of Uncivility
3 years ago

Thinking is painful so I let Gayle King, Micheal Strahan and George Steponallofus think for me.
They are illuminated lightworker beings and know what is best for me.
These enlightened ones will build the glorious Wakanda utopia for all the comrades.
The unity is just overflowing as they attempt to cancel the president and all of his followers.