Candace Owens will not be silent about the Siege on DC — last summer


Candace Owens refuses to be silent about the duplicity in reporting and reactions by Democrats.

Hypocrisy hardly covers it.

She noted that when Stacey Abrams claimed an election was stolen, she was never once censored.

Ms. Owens stated: I will not stay silent regarding this glaring double standard. Rioting, looting, and destroying federal property has been applauded and deemed virtuous for the last 4 years. So what changed?

Then she describes the siege on DC over the summer no one will speak about. Read on.


She wrote: As a D.C resident—our city burned for WEEKS this summer during BLM riots. They destroyed & looted private businesses for WEEKS.
What happened at the Capitol last week registered as a 2 on a scale of to 1-BLM.  Watching the media pretend otherwise is appalling brainwash.

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2 years ago

“She wrote: As a D.C resident…”

Candace Owens should run for mayor.

2 years ago

God bless Candace. I’m glad she’s on our side.

Gadsden Forlorn
Gadsden Forlorn
2 years ago
Reply to  Martha

Yes, Candace exposes the feeble-minded liberals, again. Of course, their hypocrisy is so blatantly obvious that people can see it from Uganda! People are starting to openly compare these American socialists to 1930s Germany and the rise of their National Socialist party, aka the Nazi party: Censoring political thought. Controlling the media. Creating lists of people to destroy. Completely Blacklisting and erasing people. Coordinating their efforts and brazenly Controlling all the levers of power to crush all dissent. Arresting people for peaceful, unarmed protests while their own side can loot, burn and kill without consequences. It’s easy to see it. Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel is raising her eyebrow in deeply suspicious disapproval of the madness she sees in America. Worldwide, thanks to the twits at Twitter, our image has nosedived overseas. Ironically, that’s what the dems always said about Trump. Now HE is seen more favorably overseas.

When citizens can’t talk to each other or do business with one another, it stops being a country. I don’t think the democrats understand their destructive loss of credibility as a result of these extreme activities. They may think they’re winning but I think the whole world is ideologically turning against them. Hello 1930s Germany, all over again.

Watchers On The Wall
Watchers On The Wall
2 years ago

Five republicans say they are onboard for Peach Mint and now Christie Kreme is earning his box of donuts but he says that he will not resign.
I’m surprised Pence said no to 25th amendment.
Enemedia is demanding resignation and licking their chops.
These people are lower than pond scum or bat guano because at least those items serve a purpose in nature.
The foreign news aggregator page is celebrating the end of the empire even though you can see enemedia talking points, if they are not being snarky.
The aftermath of the capital siege! Bwhaha!
That is too much CCP Bolshevik enemedia, must get fresh air.
Carry on.

On Fire Productions
On Fire Productions
2 years ago

Planned and orchestrated in a year of improbable impossibilities.
A virus that has such intelligence that it stays six feet away.
Experts enjoying baseball games or a night out on the town mask free.
Masks that sawdust and other particulate matter penetrates with ease will stop a micro organism.
Burning and looting is a peaceful protest while a few fed up citizens penetrating the walls of the temple of mammon is worse than the British burning it all down in 1814.
None of it possible without the colossal dumbing down and dullard distraction of mindless social media prattle.
All with an anti-human globalist agenda of genocide against the human race.
Normal is gone forever and there won’t be any return to the old America.
We are at WAR with the forces of evil who must be destroyed before they destroy us.

Tom Landry
Tom Landry
2 years ago

spot on