Crowd Goes WILD When Sarah Sanders Is Called to the Stage


The President launched his 2020 campaign in the Orlando Amway Center Arena. Throngs of people waited for 40 hours to get to see him. Thousands couldn’t get in and remained outside listening to his speech. The left insulted and mocked the people, but they don’t do that when people wait for just as long to buy an iPhone and they wouldn’t do it if Biden got more than 85 to 200 people at his speeches.

The crowd went wild last night when the President introduced Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the wonderful and constantly abused press secretary. They chanted and gave her a standing ovation.

Her voice started to crack at the beginning of her brief speech.

She called her time as White House Press Secretary “truly the honor of a lifetime” and said she got to have a “front row” of history watching the president make America great again and will continue to make America great.

Sanders said she’ll be watching from the sidelines and will be the President’s “fiercest advocate.”

“He’s fighting….to make our country as strong as it’s ever been,” she said.

The horrible leftists are trying to make certain she never gets another job. The social media trolls say they will torch any company that hires her. CNN posted an article about her having “failed in almost every aspect of the job.” WaPo published a piece calling her a “prolific liar for Trump” and a “moral degenerate.” That’s not true, of course, and all of that says more about the leftists than it ever could about Sarah. We who are in the right love her and the others make fools of themselves. The more the left does this, the more they expose themselves for what they are.


  • Because she is a lovely and wonderful woman. Ol’ Mike Huckabee did very well as a parent and he can make the bass farts!