CRT’s Systemic Racism Means Whites Won’t Get Treated in Hospitals


We just posted a short clip of a white man who was denied monoclonal antibodies therapy in a hospital in Texas, which preceded the posts from Jewish Deplorable below attesting to the same thing in Minnesota. All of her links below are legitimate.

If you’re white, you will be denied this help by the Minnesota Department of Health.

The Left has created false narratives around white people which includes false statements about health.

The Critical Race Theory she mentions is a racist ideology which is aimed at instilling anti-white racism in every system of government, education, entertainment, and apparently healthcare.

CRT is systemic racism.

According to the links, the Minnesota Department of Health, has decided every  minority race will be treated before a white person. This is according to the rules the hospital posted.

People will be treated by race, whites are excluded from the list. The rules don’t stop at Black and Latino as the eligible races, they refer to every race but white. This is racist, hateful, divisive, and violates the Civil Rights Act.

It’s quite a diversion from the Hippocratic oath.

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