Cuba Signs on to CCP’s ‘Belt and Road Take Over the World’ Project


Ninety miles from Florida, the communist island of Cuba has signed a belt and road agreement with China. The CCP has been signing up poor or average countries for infrastructure projects and if they can’t pay at the end of the term, they take over land or valuable properties.

It could be a clever way to control the world. So, instead of a Republic leading the world, the Chinese slavers will.

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects for China and Cuba under the BRI, including infrastructure, technology, culture, education, tourism, energy, communications, and biotechnology, which are in line with Cuba’s development plans for the short and long term. It also proposed a timetable and roadmap, Global Times reports.

Any of these projects require nations to abide by China’s ideology.

The Embassy of Cuba in China said the cooperation plan marks a milestone in bilateral economic relations in 2021, according to the Global Times.


It strengthens the relationship with Latin America and China directly to our south. China recently signed a pact with Nicaragua. All of these people from Latin America are pouring into our country.

Somehow, people don’t care that communists are crossing our borders to infiltrate our culture and our politics.

China is Cuba’s largest trading partner in goods, and Cuba is China’s second-largest trading partner in the Caribbean. Cuba exports mainly sugar and nickel to China. It imports a broad array of supplies, ranging from machinery and transportation equipment to raw materials and food, canceling out any benefits from the US embargo.


The BRI projects are a disaster for the poor countries that China signs up. When the bill comes due and the borrower pleads for mercy, they get none. They generally have to seize land and transportation over to the CCP.

For example, China now owns Uganda’s only airport.

At least $385 billion is owed by 165 countries to China for #BeltAndRoad projects, with 42 low-to-middle income countries owning more than ten percent of their GDP, including Laos, the Maldives, Brunei, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

In this very big story. The Guardian reports China is owed $385bn, including ‘hidden debt’ from 42 poorer nations. It’s dangerous for China as well.

AidData researchers found 42 low-to-middle income countries with ‘belt and road’ exposure exceeding 10% of GDP.

China’s loans for “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI) projects were systematically underreported to international bodies such as the World Bank.

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1 year ago

All we have to do is force America Business to do Business in America and China will crumble.