AMA Marxists Quickly EMBED RacIsm & Segregation Into Medical Field


Hard-Left agitators in the medical field want doctors to prioritize patients on the basis of race to resolve racial disparities in health outcomes. Doctors who question the practice or suggest that personal choices are the reason for the racial health disparities are punished and silenced. The highest institutions of medical research are pushing a radical, racist ideological takeover of medicine, The Daily Caller reports.

We have reported about this before., here, here, and here. It’s in the works.

The communist Biden administration proposed giving bonus payments to physicians who acknowledge systemic racism as the primary cause of health differences between racial groups and incorporate fraudulent “anti-racism” CRT into their medical practices.


The Ibram X. Kendi race Marxism has been for years infiltrating medical schools, research institutions, patient care, and medical administration.

Dr. Erica Li, a pediatrician, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that “race Marxism” — a phrase for which she does not take credit — pits “classes” of people against each other on the basis of race, gender, or sexuality rather than economic class, as classical Marxism did.

It is a disaster for patient care and the Hippocratic Oath. We’ve seen the prioritizing in the distribution of the COV vaccine. The CDC and Biden’s comrades claimed Black people couldn’t get the vaccine. They quickly learned they didn’t want the vaccine.

The Left is ignoring the fact that they want to eat badly and have a serious obesity problem. It’s a personal choice.


Dr. Harald Schmidt of the University of Pennsylvania medical school advocated for updating guidance for rationing ventilators to account for race and other socioeconomic factors in April 2020. He suggested that hospitals use a zip code-based “Area Deprivation Index” to avoid the “legal complications” of explicitly race-based allocation of medical resources. Dr. Schmidt and the University of Pennsylvania medical school did not respond to DCNF’s requests for comment.

Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston considered a pilot program that would prioritize patients for cardiovascular care explicitly on the basis of race.


Morse and Wispelwey argued that health gaps between different racial groups are driven by racism, and they viewed their plan as a form of racial reparations. The proposal drew from the 2010 proposal titled, “Critical Race Theory, Race Equity, and Public Health: Toward Antiracism Praxis.”

A 2020 study on racial disparities in birthing mortality for newborns found that black newborns cared for by black doctors are half as likely to die compared to black babies treated by white physicians. The study failed to note that, in cases of a bad NICU outcome, the department chair or division chief is more likely to be listed as the doctor of record regardless of whether that doctor was ever involved in the care of the newborn. Department chairs and division chiefs are more likely to be white, according to Li.

“It’s garbage data in, garbage conclusion out … but what the public takes away is that white doctors are killing black babies. How is that going to create trust among our African American patients? I worry they will stop going to the hospital if they get sick,” Li said.

Read more examples at The Daily Caller.


The AMA, a far-left organization, is the largest professional association of physicians in the country. For the collective good, they plan the “unwavering commitment to equity and a comprehensive strategy for embedding racial and social justice within our organization and domains of influence.”

Equity is Marxism.

In developing “the strategic plan dedicated to embedding racial justice and advancing health equity,” they are forcing racism against whites into the medical profession. They have a three-year roadmap to put this into play. Notice it’s before the next presidential election.

Just briefly, the steps are:
  1. Embed racial & social justice in AMA enterprise, culture, systems, policies, practices
  2. Build alliances, share power with historically marginalized & minoritized physicians & other stakeholders
  3. Ensure equitable structures & opportunities in innovation
  4. Push upstream to address all determinants of health & root causes of inequities
  5. Foster pathways for truth, racial healing, reconciliation, and transformation for AMA’s past

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