Cuomo & Bloomberg plan massive testing/tracing program before NY re-opens


New York is in no hurry to open up although Governor Cuomo pretends he is. He just announced that he will begin a massive testing and contact tracing program to track down people sick with the Wuhan Chinese Communist Party Virus.

The entire tri-state area will do the same. Worse yet, the horrible and greedy Michael Bloomberg is involved.

The former New York City mayor is donating millions of dollars to help finance the program and will design this long, drawn-out undertaking.

Cuomo said the program will train “an army of tracers” who will collect data on the spread of coronavirus in the tri-state area. The state has already started tracing with about 500 tracers.

It will likely take quite a while to get through this and get it in place. It’s fine if they want to do it, but not if they keep people from working in the meantime.

Data gathered from extensive testing and tracing is necessary to better understand the virus, and eventually re-open the state, Cuomo said.

“This is not going to be over any time soon,” he said. “We’re not going to have people lose their life because we acted imprudently.”

On Tuesday, Cuomo met with President Trump at the White House. He said the “main issue” he discussed with the president was testing, but that the also talked about state funding during the pandemic.

Cuomo said Mr. Trump agreed to waive a policy that requires the state match a portion of financial assistance from FEMA.

Other states will have to carry New York, run by two incompetents who let subway and bus riders travel without masks and who put the elderly sick patients in nursing homes instead of hospitals. Twenty-five percent of the dead lost their lives in nursing homes where they were shuffled off.

Is Cuomo going to ban workers who were in contact with an afflicted person? Probably. Will you get a call one day and say you’re out of work for 14 days because your co-worker just caught the virus? Perhaps New Yorkers won’t be allowed to work until they show antibodies for the illness. They could even have an ‘A’ insignia to wear on their clothes.

Do you sometimes wonder if the blue state governors aren’t more interested in destroying the Trump economy than they are in destroying the disease? But, forgive us, we are cynics.

What would this extensive, lengthy process do? It will keep people from working. Nationwide, we now have more than 26 million out of work and it will keep getting worse. The flattening of the curve and the stay-at-home order was only meant to keep hospitalizations within manageable levels. It was never meant to stop the virus — it can’t.

There are only two things that stop it. One is a vaccine that we might never get and the other is herd immunity. In addition, treatments make a difference.

The recent study that claimed Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work was only an observational study of a small group of elderly people on death’s door. The treatment doesn’t work for the people near death. It has to be administered early in the illness.

We have many more studies that show when administered with Azithromycin and Zinc early in the disease, it stops the progression of the disease.

Meanwhile, they don’t want to hear about treatments, watch:

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Fat Tire Clown Shoe Bike
Fat Tire Clown Shoe Bike
3 years ago

Did they milk everything out of the crisis? If there is even a squeeze left then it will go on.
People who want government to be their mommy may have learned something from this debacle but I doubt it.

It is difficult to free people from the chains they revere.


The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

It will be a long and complicated mess.

It’s economic sabotage, also called terrorism.

Now that we are in this mess, the left is making it as hard as possible to get out of this trap.