DOJ plans to liberate the oppressed from the despots


Open up, open up, and while you’re at it, open up! While you’re opening up, liberate some of the people unnecessarily oppressed by tyrants in power throughout the country.

Attorney General Bill Barr said NY Governor Cuomo’s question of ‘essential’ and ‘non-essential’ services is the wrong one. We should ask what services can operate safely and open them up.

Take golf courses for instance. Why were they closed? We have a case for Bill Barr right off the bat. It’s in Michigan on golf courses.


Private golf club owners in Lansing, Michigan understand there is no reason to close golf courses and are opening up.

According to City Pulse, ”The Country Club of Greater Lansing is again allowing its members to play on its course along Moores River Drive after a brief shutdown. And that’s despite guidance from the state’s top law enforcement official that said otherwise.”

“‘We cannot rely on the superfluous statements made by each respective office and must only rely on the text of the order itself,’ according to an email from the Country Club to its members sent earlier this week, again allowing golf to be played. ‘If the governor intended the order to specifically ban golf, she would have included such specific language in the order.”

Governor Whitmer doesn’t understand that since she is a despot.

A spokeswoman for Attorney General Dana Nessel said that it’s inaccurate to claim that private club members can continue to play on private courses amid the pandemic. “Bottom line is that golf courses may not be open,” she explained to City Pulse this morning. 

“May not!?”

But that’s precisely what the Country Club of Lansing is now allowing to take place this week. 

We are sorry to inform AG Nessel that they “may not” tell a golf course they can’t open if we use Attorney General Barr’s criteria, along with the constitution.

Attorney General Bill Barr already announced he might join a case by citizens who reject the extremes some of the [tyrants in ] government are going to in trampling Americans’ civil rights.


Barr spoke to host Hugh Hewitt this week and quipped that the stay-at-home orders are like “house arrest.”

It is something like that. Instead of keeping the sick home, we’re forcing the healthy to stay home. Some are even banned from drive-in church services for no logical reason.

In the case of a Mississippi church that was banned from holding drive-in services, the judge ruled in their favor. As the Civil Rights Division’s submission to the Mississippi federal court framed the matter: “There is no pandemic exception . . . to the fundamental liberties the Constitution safeguards.”

In another case in Louisville, a judge slapped a restraining order on the mayor.

U.S. District Judge Justin Walker issued a temporary restraining order, saying, “On Holy Thursday, an American mayor criminalized the communal celebration of Easter,” the Courier-Journal reported. The judge banned the city government from “enforcing; attempting to enforce; threatening to enforce, or otherwise requiring compliance with any prohibition on drive-in church services at On Fire.”


Barr explained that when the coronavirus began to spread at an alarming rate, the priority was to “flatten the curve” so as to not allow the virus to spread so rapidly and broadly that it would overwhelm our hospitalization capacity.

The president and governors have that authority temporarily. He said that now, as we move towards returning to commercial and social life, the governmental restrictions must be more narrowly tailored.

If states overreach in restrictions or manner of enforcement, the Justice Department will intervene as they did in Mississippi.

Andy McCarthy wrote at National Review this morning, “Barr appears intent on putting a stop to this arbitrary and ideologically driven line-drawing, not by substituting his policy preferences but by pointing out that states are asking the wrong question. It is not whether a particular business is “essential” or “non-essential”; it is whether the business can be operated safely. If it can be, the states are obliged to permit it to operate, particularly given that it is in the interests of businesses and their customers to observe safety precautions.”


Barr also mentioned that the Communist China government is stepping up its espionage and cyber theft activity.

Recently, a Harvard science Chair was arrested with two Chinese nationals WHO hid his secret work as a “strategic scientist” for China’s Wuhan University of Technology.

This was part of the Chinese regime’s “Thousand Talents Plan,” which the Justice Department describes as cultivating talent to steal proprietary information.

That makes the media and Democrats spreading of Chinese propaganda all the more egregious.

The longer the economy remains closed, the weaker we will become. The President has a reasonable three-phase program and many more states should be moving to phase one since the curve is flattened in their states, including California.

Open up and definitely, liberate!

Listen to Attorney General Barr:

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We Know How To Do It
We Know How To Do It
3 years ago

Das Radio reported that the glorious people’s republic of Commierado would go first.
They have an obsession with being first. First to be Kalifornia east among others.
There is this thing called the 10th amendment or was that deleted with a pen and a phone as part of the Fundamental Transformation.
I guess there was a stay at home order from comrade kommissar governor but he takes his orders from big pharma like a good shill.
A good blast of flatulence on the way out the door as his weak sauce presser played on teevee.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

Barr acting against the nationwide despots depriving us of our rights is a “man bites dog” story.