Cuomo is losing it! Reporter tried to find out if schools are closed


King Cuomo wouldn’t answer a reporter’s question yesterday and let loose on him, calling him “obnoxious.” The question was a simple one. He wanted to know if the New York City schools would be closed today since Communist Mayor de Blasio said they would be and Cuomo said they’re opened. New York Governor Cuomo repeated it on this clip. He keeps saying schools are open. Meanwhile, they are closing all over the state.

Cuomo is losing it.

Another reporter followed up and tried to get a direct answer. Instead, he got a lengthy answer, basically saying all of NYC is a microcluster, and they have their own guidelines.

All of the tri-state regions can apparently be a microcluster in his nutso world.

The guideline for NYC schools to close is 3%, but the school population is only .16%. There is no need to close schools. They aren’t the ‘super spreaders.’ Why would you close these safe spaces for children if the virus is spreading in peoples’ homes?

This is why Catholic schools are getting applications in large numbers — they are open.

The ‘mostly peaceful protesters’ might be spreading the virus, but that will be called fake news if you say it publicly.

The 3% is so arbitrary. Where is the science? As an educator, I will tell you many children need the mostly-caring teachers physically present, and they are learning diddly-squat.

Watch the sarcastic, condescending wretch of a governor who killed off tens of thousands of older people with COV in New York City, bankrupted the city, and is destroying small business statewide:

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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
3 years ago

Cuomo is an obnoxious sanctimonious bastard. He was making it up as he went along. He’s clueless in NYC with his “micro” brain.

3 years ago

He’s an entire new level of elite attacking those asking simple questions as being ignorant and stupid. Cuomo said it “wasn’t complicated”, then lays out the most convoluted scenario that even Cumo doesn’t understand. He’s so brilliant he misses the realization of his own contradictions. If this idiot were Trump we would see non-Stop condemnations from every network, IN the US.

Hurricane Of Awakening
Hurricane Of Awakening
3 years ago

Clowns gonna clown. Let them get clowny with it. Trump lives rent free in their heads and I am so enjoying the meltdown across all of enemedia demanding that the Orange Roadrunner concede.
Saw a Twit screen grab where the NY Slimes stated that the media decides who is president.
LOL! That’s not how that works commie fifth column comrades. The electoral meetup takes place December 14th in the cess ridden swamp.
There is plenty of time to assemble rent-a-mobs and other domestic terrorists in order to burn it all down.
Meanwhile Iran and China are getting froggy in their areas of influence because they know Jomala won’t be doing anything about if they get across the finish line thanks to John Roberts.
You don’t really believe those headlines about SCOTUS saying they don’t want to be seen as choosing the preezy of the steezy do you?