Cuomo & NY Dems Make Losing Political Bet That No-Bail Felons Will Behave


One-party rule in the Empire State has allowed a drunk on power Democrat Party to get all liquored up, passing radical, far left laws.  Fittingly the worst of these, the “no bail”, the get-out-of-jail-free statute became official (unofficially it was applied sooner) on New Years Day.

While it could be a political headache for Dems it’s already serving as a potentially deadly hangover for law-abiding New Yorkers.

With anti-Semitism spreading, especially in New York City, it’s certainly not a “good look” when perps walk out of jail soon after their arrest.  While there’s been more than one case, the worst example would be Tiffany Harris.  It was she who’s been accused of two such assaults, the second one shortly after being turned loose.  Harris in jail now only because she skipped court-ordered treatment.

The Big Apple has also suffered a growing and dangerous disrespect for its law enforcement officers.  The offenders suffered virtually no consequences.  Just before the New Year, 40-year-old Steven Hayes sucker-punched a New York City cop.  The policeman had simply asked Hayes to move off of the sidewalk, where he’d been drinking booze and blocking pedestrians.

Haynes was eventually removed and arrested on several charges including resisting arrest, assaulting an officer, and disorderly conduct.  He was released without bail.  Apparently “the powers that be” figured they’d get an early start on the new law.

It gets worse.  The headline read, “An Illegal Alien Killed a Woman on Christmas Eve.  He Was Released the Same Day Without Bail”.  Jorge Flores-Villalba, 27, a Mexican national, was arrested by Stony Point Town Police Dec. 25, for fleeing from a fatal hit-and-run accident, after which he was quickly freed.  Luckily I.C.E agents got wind of this foul scenario and arrested Jorge five days later.

But wait!  The next incident eclipses even that miscarriage of justice.  On New Year’s Eve, Farkell Hopkins, 23, was arrested on charges of vehicular manslaughter and DWI at the scene of the accident but was cut loose before he was even arraigned.  Hopkins was administered a breathalyzer test by cops, which allegedly revealed a sky-high .16 blood-alcohol content — twice the legal limit of .08, according to sources.

But he’ll have to post a bond after the arraignment right? NOT LIKELY!  Under the new sweeping reforms, vehicular manslaughter is among the more than 400 offenses that are no longer bail-eligible!

There are whispers that NYS Democrat pols, perhaps led by Long Island’s Dem senators, each of whom voted for this madness, are getting a little nervous about their brain-dead legislation.

These geniuses may have begun to grasp something obvious to almost anybody using basic common sense.  No matter how drunk on power you are, wagering your political future that no-bail felons, quickly returned to the streets, will be well-behaved, is a losing bet.



  1. I have to say about Sally the crybaby she needs to be on TV everyday until November if she hopes to win. Also republicans shouldn’t compete among themselves for a Senate position. There should be just one candidate. Don’t let them shoot themselves in the foot.

  2. Isn’t vehicular homicide a non-violent crime? Or did they accidentally put it on that list? The victim is dead and the criminal is protected. Exactly how the democrats planned it.

  3. I don’t think the Democrats were “betting on” good behavior from criminals. I think they expected what would follow their “catch and release” law. What they didn’t expect was the public blowback over it.

    Governments’ best weapon is and has always been fear. The more fear the public can be made to feel, and the less able members of the public are to defend themselves, the more likely they will turn to The State for “protection.” The ironies hardly require explication.

  4. The President is having a rally in Wildwood NJ which is unheard of….Maybe Madison Square Garden should be booked in October!!!!!!!
    Side note….a little research has been announced that the leading contenders for the Dem Circus of presidential candidates has had a total of less than 1% of refugees resettled in their home districts….
    JUST SAYIN’!!!!!!

  5. I no longer have ANY sympathy for the voters of NY State, who have chosen an EVIL BABY-KILLING TYRANT as their governor and an INCOMPETENT, MORONIC BOLSHEVIK as the mayor of their largest city. Further, their state legislature is a bi-partisan CRIME SYNDICATE composed of Socialist Democrats and emasculated RINO sellouts. I only feel sorry for those Trumpists or Constitutional Conservatives who, like me, are still trapped in this GULAG LIBERALPELIGO for one reason or another. In a democracy you get the government you deserve: NEW YORK HAS IT. The whole state can continue to SINK for all I care… as it is currently doing at a RAPID RATE.

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