Cuomo sent more than 9,000 COV patients to hundreds of nursing homes


Thanks to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s fiat, more than 9,000 recovering coronavirus patients in New York state were released from hospitals into nursing homes early in the pandemic. Thousands died as the sick patients infected the residents.

The new number of 9,056 recovering patients sent to hundreds of nursing homes is more than 40% higher than what had been previously released by the state health department. And it raises new questions as to whether Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s March 25 directive helped spread sickness and death among residents.

The COV patients obviously seeded nursing homes where thousands died. The elderly were the most vulnerable population and he knew that. Everyone knew that in March.

“The lack of transparency and the meting out of bits of important data has undermined our ability to both recognize the scope and severity of what’s going on,” said Richard Mollot, the executive director of the Long Term Care Community Coalition, a residents advocacy group.

The new figures come as the Cuomo administration has been forced in recent weeks to acknowledge that the overall number of COVID-19 deaths among long-term care residents is nearly 15,000, up from the 8,500 previously disclosed.

Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean lost her beloved mother-in-law and father-in-law partly due to Cuomo forcing them into separate nursing homes so they died alone. At the time, he had a near-empty hospital ship and the near-empty Javitts Center.

She wrote on Twitter: The nursing home massacre in New York state will continue to haunt this governor and will make his re-election in 2022 a little more difficult than he might’ve anticipated six months ago.

She also put this tweet out and she is only one of thousands of victims:

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