Cuomo Wants to Be NYC Mayor! He’s Responsible for Releasing 38 Cop Killers


A convicted murderer who fatally shot an NYPD Officer execution-style was released on parole — the 38th cop killer in the state granted freedom in just six years.

Of the 38 cop killers released since 2017, 34 were murdered NYPD officers. It doesn’t even matter if they are execution-style murders – they get released. Most are unrepentant.

This is Andrew Cuomo’s parole board. He appointed most of the pro-criminal board.

The NY Post editorial board wrote in September 2023:

Cuomo, meanwhile, has used his own powers to grant clemency to others in prison for cop-killing terrorism. You start to wonder who the governor thinks should be left in prison.

Andrew Cuomo wants to be the next mayor of New York City, but he is the one who pushed for the no-bail reform that is destroying New York.

We just saw a career criminal, Guy Rivera, murder an innocent 31-year-old officer with a wife and one-year-old baby – Officer Jonathan Diller. Rivera’s accomplice, another career criminal, was released. The two armed men were probably casing a place for a burglary.

On Long Island, four people are suspected of killing two people and chopping their bodies up. Police found the body parts and blood of the victims in the house where the four people lived. Body parts were still stuck to a meat cleaver. The suspects were released with monitors. This was after they scattered the body parts in local parks for children to find. Thanks to no bail, they are out.

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