Det. Diller’s Killing Exposes Vile Dem Caucus of Elitists, Anti-Semites & Cop Haters


Last week’s events surrounding Detective Jonathan Diller’s murder showed exactly what groups have become a core constituency of today’s shameless Democrat Party.

The married father of a one-year-old son was ambushed by a cretin who’d had 21 prior arrests and served time for numerous felonies.

On Thursday, while the hero was being waked in Massapequa, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton were yucking it up at Radio City Music Hall on the way to raising $26 million for Hunter’s Daddy.

Outside were hundreds of currently disaffected Democrats directing their profane displeasure at three targets.

One was the Jews. Protestors threatened Israel’s destruction by screeching their “river to the sea” chant.

But that display also served as a warning to the elitist pols inside.  If you don’t abandon Israel in its war against Hamas, we will see you lose your precious electoral power.

A third target was the police.  “F…” the NYPD,” they yelped. This was on the day a 31-year-old decorated officer was being viewed in a funeral home 40 miles away.

It’s easy to see which of those three broadsides most troubled the trio of feckless pols inside.

Joe, with the support of Barry and Slick Willie, continues to undermine Benjamin Netanyahu while bending the knee to radical pro-Hamas sects.

Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton having fun 40 miles from the wake of Officer Diller.

Concern for men and women of law enforcement?  None of the three made a direct public acknowledgment of Detective Diller’s sacrifice.

Here’s some of the eloquent, moving eulogy delivered by his wife, Stephanie.

“It’s been two years and two months since Detective [Jason] Rivera and Detective [Wilbert] Mora made the ultimate sacrifice — just like my husband, Jonathan Diller. Dominique Rivera stood before all the elected officials present today, pleading for change.

“That change never came. And now my son will grow up without his father, and I will grow old without my husband.”

“How many more police officers and how many families need to make the ultimate sacrifice before we start protecting them?”

“I don’t wish this kind of pain on anyone. Jonathan lived his life doing good for people, and it’s now time for people to do good for all the officers he represents.”

Officer Diller, his Wife Stephanie, and his baby Ryan

That alone should have earned the courageous, suffering widow at least a phone call from one of those three Dem “rainmakers.”  Stephanie got none.

The elitists were too busy seeking favor with anti-Semites and cop haters.  After all, this vile cabal is now a key part of their Dem caucus.

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