California, Home of the $17 Double Whopper


The New York Post reported that California got its $ 20-an-hour fast food minimum wage, and prices went up, in some places, by as much as 25%. How long before people are laid off? Next week, perhaps? Workers will probably work a lot harder for their $20 an hour.

The biggest increase was at Burger King, where a Texas Double Whopper meal cost $15.09 on March 29 but surged to $16.89 on April. A double whopper is almost $17!

The Big Fish meal also jumped from 53% to $11.49.

At Hart House, a fast food chain founded by actor Kevin Hart, prices increased up to 25%. A large fries costs $5.99.

At a nearby In-N-Out Burger, the price hikes were more modest. Burgers went up about 25 cents, while sodas increased by a nickel. They’ll likely be firing people sooner than the rest.

Mod Pizza shut 27 stores.

I wonder if they’ve looked into automation.

The socialist Democrats of California think they can do this in a vacuum. They have no idea how economics works.

Gov. Newsom arranged a carve-out for Panera so they don’t have to pay $20 an hour.

Who’s going to shut out the lights when this state closes down?

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