Cuomo’s Parole Board Set to Release Another Cop Killer-That Makes 20!


Harry Ryman

With the nursing home and sexual harassment scandals surrounding Andrew Cuomo it might have been easy to miss the “Luv Gov’s” parole board turning another cop killer loose.  We say another because this makes the 20th felon involved in the murder of a law officer freed by Cuomo’s puppet appointees. And that’s only since 2017!

Here are the tragic details related to the killing of New York City Police Officer Harry Ryman.

Ryman, a 17-year veteran of the NYPD, was home in Brooklyn around 3:40 a.m. when his wife heard the three would-be thieves breaking into a car across the street.

He came outside with his service weapon and exchanged gunfire with the crooks — and was mortally wounded by three shots to the chest.

The trio of suspects were arrested and convicted.

Ryman left behind his wife and five children, one of them an NYPD cop.

Pleas from his family, friends, partner, and PBA President Pat Lynch apparently meant nothing to those voting to put not only Ford but one of his accomplices back on the street.

Paul Ford, 58, one of three men convicted in the Aug. 15, 1980, shooting death of Police Officer Harry Ryman, is scheduled to be released next month despite receiving a life sentence in the case, the Police Benevolent Association said on Twitter.

Another man convicted in the cop’s killing, Cornelius Bucknor, 62, was released last year and deported.

The third convict, Cornelius Bucknor, 59, has been granted a parole hearing as well.

If the recent horrific four year parole board history is any measure of what we can expect, Bucknor will soon be joining his cop killing compadres “on the outside”, while Officer Ryman’s family relives his murder and watches another of his killers go free.

“Honestly, it’s unbelievable,” the slain cop’s granddaughter, Kerri Ryman, said Thursday. “My heart just breaks for my father and his siblings who have to go through this. It really affects the family.”

All that, now multiplied by three.  Just another Cuomo inspired nightmare in what’s become an increasingly unlivable New York State.



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