Swamp alert! $1400 weekly for 15 weeks for federal union workers


Biden, or whoever handles his affairs, plans to give most Americans a one-time payment of $1400 in the ‘relief’ bill. It’s our own money. The government has no money. The $1400 pales in comparison to the amount his swampy government union friends will get.

Conservative activist Phil Kerpen reported that Biden wants to give you “$1400 once” but wants to give federal employees $1,400 “every week for 15 weeks.” And as Kerpen ruefully added, “Swamp takes care of swamp.”

This certainly isn’t going to help open schools. Children are losing more than a year of schooling at this point. It’s child abuse.

Federal workers who are “unable to work” because they are caring for school-aged children not physically in school full time “due to Covid-19 precautions” are eligible for paid leave for 15 weeks.

There is no age limit for the kids. Does it include a 21-year-old kid in college?

Federal employees already have 12 weeks of paid family leave.

Democrats never run out of ways to spend our money to reward their voters. There is no need to do this except to curry votes. This is typical swamp corruption.

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