Harris slips: “A Harris Administration together with Joe Biden”


Kamala Harris says there will be a “Harris Administration together with Joe Biden.” That is one of the very real possibilities since it is obvious Joe Biden can’t run anything.

Kamala Harris’ agenda should terrify people.


  • Harris is to the left of 97% of Democrats in the U.S. Senate. She is to the left of Bernie Sanders
  • Supports decriminalizing illegal immigration
  • Rejects building a wall on the southern border
  • Compared ICE to the KKK
  • Supports single-payer for illegal immigrants
  • Supports the elimination of private health care, which means 160 million Americans would lose their health care
  • Co-sponsor of the Green New Deal, a socialist attack aimed at destroying capitalism
  • She opposes American independence of fossil fuels and wants to eliminate coal, natural gas, all fossil fuels, end fracking
  • Wants to repeal President Trump’s tax cuts for the middle class
  • Wants to massively increase taxes on all Americans
  • Supports abortion — infanticide — and believes all American taxpayers must all pay for it, regardless of their beliefs. She would prevent any laws limiting abortion from being considered in any state. The federal government must decide what laws states can consider
  • Wants to ban legal firearms by executive order
  • Supports massive regulations
  • She will ‘war on the suburbs.’ The federal government would decide every detail of life in the suburbs, how many libraries, what the zoning laws will be, the makeup of schools, whether one can have single-family homes
  • Harris wants to pack the Supreme Court
  • She wants to eliminate the filibuster

Any one of these things would be devastating to our freedoms.

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