Curious covert USB handoff in Fulton County


The woman with the blonde dreadlocks looks like the supervisor, Shay Freeman Moss, and she could be passing a USB to her mother, Ruby, but we could be wrong. They are the two women suspected of ballot stuffing, although, we admit, there’s no proof.

There appears to be a third party — possibly — blocking them from the cameras?

This USB handoff is suspicious. Is someone checking this out? Bill Barr? Are you on top of this?


Matthew Braynard, a researcher for the Voter Integrity Project of the Thomas More Society, said his organization is joining one of Georgia’s lawsuits. Mr. Braynard and his team found proof of illegal ballots, including registering fake addresses.

He has witnesses to the fraudulent voting, and he found thousands of ballots cast by ineligible voters. Braynard found as many as 22,000 ballots that could be illegitimate, and he wants someone in authority to investigate.

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