CVS teaches employees to rat each other out in the name of racial equity


CVS Health is holding a “conscious inclusion workshop” that aims to teach employees how to hold each other “accountable” for non-inclusive behaviors, FOX Business has learned.

In other words, they are teaching them to rat on one another like the Nazis did.

An internal email obtained by FOX Business showed David Casey, SVP of Workforce Strategies and Chief Diversity Officer, discussing the four-week program.

In the email, Casey outlines different “skills” employees will build during the workshop’s fourth week. Those included: “Identify unconscious bias in your day-to-day interactions and experiences,” “[d]emonstrate bravery by speaking up and having difficult conversations when observing non-inclusive behaviors,” and “[c]ommit to holding yourself and your colleagues accountable to consistently embrace diversity of all kinds, and take swift action against non-inclusive behaviors.”

A CVS spokesperson, Joseph Goode, said the “workshop was announced in July 2020 as part of our nearly $600 million commitment to address racial inequality.” He also declared that “our stated goal is 100 percent employee participation.”

AmEx is doing it too. Watch:

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