New NY Governor begins her tenure with unscientific mandates


New York’s new governor Kathy Hochul has passed new draconian mandates out of the gate. Under the guise of safety, Hochul is ignoring the actual science and going for mandates.

To start, she said she would direct state health officials to make masks mandatory for anyone entering public or private schools.

She also wants a requirement that school personnel get vaccinated or undergo weekly testing.

“None of us want a rerun of last year’s horrors with COVID-19, therefore we will take proactive steps to prevent that from happening,” she said. “To accomplish this in New York, we need partnerships with all levels of government and I’m working now on getting this done.”

The partnerships are getting all businesses to require masks, serving as an arm of the government.

“Getting children back to school safely is one of my highest priorities. To that end, I am immediately directing the Department of Health to institute universal masking for anyone entering our schools,” Hochul tweeted on her first day in the Governor’s seat.

The science doesn’t support it.

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