Dan Bongino Addresses the Culture War Coming for Our Kids


Update: Ne Yo said his publicist apologized on his behalf, but he does not apologize and never will for opposing changing a child’s gender.

Dan Bongino gave a very interesting take on the culture war of queer ideology aimed at our children. He says it’s not about sex.

“Some cultural stuff going on right now that tends to go over everybody’s head, and I’m not going to be one of these Republicans who ignores the culture wars. Folks, we did this for years. …The culture war is important. They’ve had basically a free express highway to our kid’s brains…the left, forever, and we have not stopped them because we focus too much on …the tax cut side of being the conservative, and not the liberty side, the culture side. “

“So that’s why I want to bring this up.”

In the clip below, he discusses Megan Rapinoe missing a penalty kick in a humiliating fashion and then following up by saying equal pay was the moment she wanted to remember. Bongino also pointed out that many of the team members seemed to dislike America. If Republicans think you dislike America, they will dislike you and not care if you win.

When Ne Yo, a popular singer, came out against mutilating minors, Bongino thought, finally, we’re making progress.

“I said, oh, I’m making progress. Finally, someone in the entertainment community with the balls, no pun intended to speak up here.”

Bongino played the clip of Ne Yo discussing the issue:

‘If your little boy says, ‘Daddy, I want to be a girl, and you just let him rock with that. …where did he get that? If you let this five-year-old boy decide to eat candy all day, he’s gonna do exactly that. When did it become a good idea to let a 5-year-old, and a six-year-old, let a 12-year-old make a life-changing decision for themselves? When did that happen, right?

‘A woman jumped into the conversation with Ne Yo and said, ‘I understand that some medicate. These young kids are 5-6 years old growing up and knowing that it affects their brains. It affects their organs. So it makes them sick. They’re not allowed to do drugs. They’re not allowed to do alcohol, right?…’

As it turned out, Ne Yo apologized and bowed to the cancel culture. Bongino didn’t have a lot of sympathy for him.

“I hear a lot of people saying this, ‘Oh, the left is doing this because they’re pervs; they want to sexualize kids. There are pervs taking advantage of the left. That’s not why the tactical left is doing this, though; it has nothing to do with sex. …

“This has everything to do with confusion. You can’t have communism without the kids; it’s impossible. In order to get the kids, you have to divorce them from their primary source of security. They’re always going to seek out their parents. And the only way to do that is to confuse them. And the best vehicle to confuse kids is sex. They don’t understand it. They’re not mature enough to understand. They’re not mature enough to understand that.”


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