Dan Bongino Speaks Out About Leaving Fox and What They Don’t Get



Megyn Kelly interviewed Dan Bongino about his departure from Fox News, and he was clear in saying he left amicably of his own accord. He has a young family and can’t work six days a week. They wanted to keep him in the Saturday slot, and he said he’s not a Saturday man. He would have been on call, and he couldn’t do it.

Towards the end of the clip, Bongino said someone told him, “Maybe they weren’t that eager to work it out because you’re a little aggravating to work with, and they’re not wrong.” Bongino said he’s not the easiest guy because he is independent, having his own podcast and investments.

Megyn said that it was a mistake to let him leave because he, Bongino, could have taken over the 8 pm slot and brought the audience back.

Right now, it looks like the lineup is Laura at 7, Sean at 8, Watters and Gutfeld at 9 and 10.

They Don’t Get It

As for cable, Bongino says, “They don’t get it…they’re fighting yesterday’s war. They’ve been on top for 20 years.” The problem is youtube, rumble, and Twitter with Elon, “The space has been totally disaggregated right now. People can go put Megyn Kelly in a search engine and watch her show a thousand different ways. They can watch clips on Twitter. Spread it around…”

He thinks they made a big mistake with Tucker “thinking, where will he go? It doesn’t matter. They’ll find him wherever he goes…on Sirius, the Internet, Rumble, it doesn’t matter. The whole system has been broken apart.”

He said we need a healthy Fox, and they need to explain what happened with Tucker, Bongino says.

Kelly said Fox has made the audience angry, and the audience will continue to punish at 8 pm. Fox isn’t in danger of going out of business, but some humility will serve them well, she concluded.



Fox News won the 8 p.m. hour on Thursday night as Will Cain guest hosted Fox News Tonight.  He had 1.63 million to Hayes’ 1.28 million. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes came in second in total viewers to Cain, although Hayes won the key 25-54 age demographic with 179,000 to Fox’s 156,000. Both numbers are very low.

Their viewers are older. When those viewers die off, that won’t be good.

Anderson Cooper lost to Newsmax’s Eric Bolling for the third night in a row, despite having the second-highest-rated show on CNN – after Erin Burnett.

Bolling beat Cooper with 568,000 viewers to 544,000.

Jesse Watters and The Five still take in over two million viewers, and Hannity was close with over 1.9 million, but the numbers are very low compared to what they had been getting.

All the numbers in the key demo were very low.

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