Fox Dissolves Its Entire Investigative Unit


After  Fox News’ $787.5 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems, a company only worth $70 million,  the network dissolved its investigative unit. The company denies the layoffs resulted from the settlement, and they say some journalists have moved to other units.

So, a news show with no investigative unit?

“The rank and file journalists are getting let go. Meanwhile, upper management are sitting pretty while they are the execs responsible for the Dominion debacle,” one Fox employee told Rolling Stone, which has confirmed the unit has been axed. “We are the sacrificial lambs.”

“Yes, [layoffs] have happened,” another staffer confirms. “And continue to happen.”

“The outrage is that Suzanne Scott and Maria Bartiromo keep their jobs. Meanwhile, the journalists get let go. We are in shock.”

Most opinion journalists who bring in the money were kept, but their comments led to the lawsuit.

A Fox source with knowledge of the situation rejected any connection between the layoffs and the Dominion settlement. The source said some of the people within the investigative unit had been reassigned.

More layoffs could be coming. This is the season. They have to cut costs by June 30.

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