Dangerous fascism on our college campuses


We have a problem on our college campuses and it’s very serious. They are becoming bastions of fascism instead of free speech as they once were. Bill O’Reilly discussed several examples on his podcast today and they are fascinating. As he said, he could have come up with hundreds of these examples.

Bill says rules are being set up that violate all our rights, and we’re paying for it.  In one example from George Washington University, students are petitioning to stop an annual pro-life conference. It’s voluntary and George Washington is a Catholic university. The students say it makes them feel unsafe and they want it banned.

The petition has 600 signers and they want trigger warnings when people speak about not supporting abortion. They call all pro-life people transphobic, homophobic, sexist, and so on. They even object to Alveda King, Martin Luther King’s granddaughter, speaking on campus for her opposition to same-sex marriage.

He talked about Harvard’s Kennedy School. That was interesting. What struck me is how surprised he is. This has been going on for years.

Watch, it’s interesting and accurate:

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