The Hogg Pillow is coming soon


David Hogg, the radical anti-gun leftist who pretends he’s a Parkland survivor, has named the pillow company he and software engineer William LeGate plan to launch to compete against Mike Lindell’s MyPillow. It will be called the Good Pillow. Personally, I thought Hogg Pillow sounded appropriate.

Hogg wanted it to trend on Twitter so his fellow leftists got it trending today. Twitter is becoming more and more an echo chamber for the left. They all talk to themselves, blaming the right for everything, and calling people on the Right names.

This next photo appears to be some kind of logo. Hogg has a website for the good pillow dot co and is taking pre-orders.

It seems they still need a pillow manurfacturer, a pillow designer, and they realize they can’t start out in California because leftist Cali is too business-unfriendly.

How ironic.

The ‘good’ comes from how good they will be. The plan is to give to leftist organizations, suport charitable organizations, talk with customers about who they should donate to, be good to the environment, they will employ good, unionized workers, and all will be made in America. It will also be good and progressive.

It sounds like it will be a very expensive pillow.

This is all being done to seek revenge against the My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell. That’s ironic too.

Hogg’s very tired and needs a good pillow. Someone get him a My Pillow!

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