Dangerous US Censorship Is Growing


Twitter said they accidentally suspended John Solomon of Just the News, but no one has done a thing about suspending the mRNA founder Dr. Robert Malone, Founding Father Thomas Paine, or slews of others, as The Spectator reports. The censorship is growing under the new authoritarian in charge of Twitter,

Facebook censored an article about the dangers of Covid censorship at The Federalist and the NY Post articles about Cov-19 vaccines.

A Gold Star mother of fallen Marine Kareem Nikoui was censored for her criticism of Biden whose surrender and withdrawal from Afghanistan caused the death of her child.

Let’s not forget how they treated George W. Bush when distraught parents railed against him. The media couldn’t report it enough and no matter what the father of a beheaded man, Nick Berg, and the mother of a dead soldier, Cindy Sheehan said, their comments were everywhere.

Americans have an extremely serious problem with this censorship. It’s a full-court press to destroy the 1st Amendment.

We are Hong Kong.

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