Eric Adams Is a Vaccinator! Just Another De Blasio


New York City’s next Mayor outlined to the public how he plans to address handling COVID-19. All we can say is he’s a believer and DeBlasio redux. We’re not sure what “compliance” over “punishment” means — take a look at his plan below.

According to the New York Post, incoming Mayor Eric Adams will make a final call about mandating COVID shots for school students next spring. But he also spelled out that he’s keeping in place Bill de Blasio’s order for private-sector mandates for businesses.

“The goal is to be cooperative and not punitive,” Adams said in laying out his vision. His policy includes distributing at-home tests and N95 masks.

He stinks and he is not even in office. He is a typical Democrat.

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Escape From Poughkeepsie
Escape From Poughkeepsie
1 year ago

2022 will see the biomedical apartheid state completed and the exclusion of the deplorable kulak untermenschen scum?
The final solution to the Traditional American question will come later.
Esteemed party member comrade kommissar Adams is cut from the same cloth as Jesuit DeBlasio or he wouldn’t be where is.