Brits want vaccinated people to have QR codes to get into events


The British government is developing a system to provide COVID vaccinated people with QR codes on their phones. According to reports, they could use them to get into sports events, concerts, and other large gatherings.

“The unique codes would only be given to those who have been vaccinated against coronavirus, under plans being considered by ministers, to signal they can attend large gatherings currently considered to be ‘high risk,’” reports the Daily Mail.

The report also states that “Those who refuse to get the Covid-19 jab would likely be refused entry to venues, as part of the same proposals.”

So, they won’t make you get the vaccine, but they will make your life hell if you don’t.

Rumors claim vaccination might be a requirement to get into the Tokyo Olympics.

The plan would see “those people who have had vaccinations carrying a QR code or an immunity certification which shows that they have been tested.”

Government officials have previously signaled that the system could be integrated with the much-maligned NHS ‘track and trace’ app.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock once again refused to make vaccination mandatory for all UK citizens this week. He is considering immunity passports.

Our constitution would not allow an intrusion like this, but with Democrats in power, anything goes.

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3 years ago

Similar to the mark of the Beast of the Bible in Revelations, weird, I must say eerily so.