Danny Glover says police are ‘last line of defense of white supremacy’


Actor and activist Danny Glover, a good friend of the late communist Hugo Chavez, said that the police are the ‘last line of defense of white supremacy.’ Aside from being a racist, he’s very far left. He demands reparations for Black Americans and is a Black Lives Matter supporter. I wanted you to have some background before you read his comments in an interview with Variety.

He was speaking about George Floyd’s death and protests and riots that followed it.

“But the violence that we see — whether it’s the toxic places where they (black people) live; the inadequacy of health care for them; whether it’s the lack of affordable housing; the absence of jobs at living wages; all those things – that’s basically going unseen. We see the actual violence because the police is what it is. It’s the last line of defense for white supremacy. That’s what the police represents. They don’t protect African Americans.”

That’s mostly what they do. There are far more police in tough, Black areas. It’s their lives police do save. And as far as white supremacy, most of these city forces are half minority.

“You can make an argument that the institutional violence has its roots in so many different ways,” the fading star said. “The violence that we see now that is acted out on the physical body of George Floyd has been the kind of violence that is engrained within the American idea of its culture, in its own subtlety, since the first Africans were brought here. So it’s 400 years of violence. It’s not just now!”

There is no institutional bias and violence. All the violence is coming from his side of the fence. That view does explain the hatred.

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