Mt. Rushmore is only racist when President Trump visits


Many U.S. presidents have visited Mr. Rushmore, but only now is the media horrified by a president’s visit. CNN has called it racist and dangerous as it might cause forest fires or the virus will spread. The New York Times suddenly, this week, discovered Mt. Rushmore is racist.

Yet, when candidate Obama and a bus of campaign reporters visited Mount Rushmore in May 2008, the New York Times covered it as a precious moment with Obama’s “tie, not a half-inch ajar” and Obama joking with park rangers that his ears were too big to carve on the mountain.

Candidate Hillary Clinton had been there and was glorified for it.

CNN called President Trump’s visit a “public health nightmare.” The authors of a CNN article wrote, “Such frivolity might seem in poor taste amid a fast-worsening pandemic — and unwise since social distancing won’t be required at the event. But the holiday that celebrates independence from Britain is being used to bolster Trump’s false narrative that the country is doing just fine.”

That’s not at all what he’s saying. He is saying something quite different. President Trump is calling out the far left who are wiping out our history, our culture, our society.

This next report is a ‘news’ report from CNN. It’s demented:

These people are insane.

Terrence Williams responded to this report:

Here is more hate speech:

It was quite different in 2016. Jim Acosta liked Mt. Rushmore then, and so did Bernie Sanders. The hypocrisy from the left is mind-blowing.

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