DA’s vengeful probe to treat Trump, Giuliani, Graham like the mob


Fani T. Willis. Willis, the Fulton County DA, whose county takes in much of Atlanta, will investigate Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and Lindsey Graham for conspiracy and racketeering charges. Seh wants to make her bones on these cases.

This all stems from a fairly public phone call between Georgia secretary of state Raffensperger, his lawyers, Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and others. At one point during the call, Trump asked Raffensperger to find votes. Trump meant legal votes that he believed were there.

Lindsey Graham called Raffensperger in November about the problems associated with mail-in balloting [notoriously easy to corrupt]. That conversation and other comments he made also has him in Willis’s sights.

She is looking into ‘false’ [unproven] statements made by Rudy Giuliani that she says could amount to election interference.

Willis wants to consider racketeering charges which should be reserved for hardened gang members and the mob.

Democrats distort everything to their own ends.

Trump’s senior advisor Jason Miller said this case is “simply the Democrats’ latest attempt to score political points by continuing their witch hunt against President Trump and everybody sees through it.”

Mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting are rife with corruption, and they used it widely in Georgia. There is no voter ID with this form of voting.

Trump supporters wanted the President to follow through on investigating voter fraud. When a president wins more votes than any president before him and an unpopular, senile old man wins millions more than that, of course, the election is suspect.


Barr also talked about the fraud of mail-in ballots. Problems with mail-in ballots include the fact that they can be taken out of mailboxes, they eliminate private voting, a foreign country could print up millions of ballots, and so on. If anything, we should tighten up laws, he said, not compromise the integrity of the election.



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