David Hogg Is Guiding a New Generation of Political Leaders


Remember David Hogg? Hogg wants to guide GenZ’s to become politicians. He is the Parkland student who said he was a survivor of the horrific mass murder in the Florida school that claimed 17 lives in 2018. Hogg heard on the news that there was a shooting at his school and biked to the school. Not everyone would call him a survivor.

Mr. Hogg wants to start a new generation of politicians.

David Hogg
Here’s part of the letter he sent to me:

Hey, Maura,

it’s David Hogg, gun safety advocate [gun grabbing extremist] and co-founder of March For Our Lives.

Many of our elected officials can be described as one word: Cowards.

Our kids, our planet, our freedoms, our democracy — are all under attack by far-right extremists, from the State House to the U.S. Senate, who are willing to let children be slaughtered at school and watch our planet burn for their own personal gain.

We refuse to back down.

There were many who said after Parkland that we couldn’t change anything because we were just a “bunch of kids.” But we proved them wrong — we passed gun laws in a state owned by the NRA.

blah, blah, blah

I want to know what gun safety activities he sponsors.


He boasted of Maxwell Frost, a GenZ who won elected office.

He’s collecting through Act Blue Express, the corrupt far-left fundraising site. I say corrupt because James O’Keefe found evidence 60% of the donations come from China. I’ll be right on that, David.

Look at the photo he chose in the clip below. It shows you he is not too bright.

In 2018, he said politicians should have addressed school shootings “centuries ago,” which means George Washington, King Henry VIII, and maybe even Caesar were negligent.

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