David the Socialist calls back into Hannity’s show to issue nasty threats


A Socialist called into Sean Hannity’s radio show last week and said what many or most of them believe — they want to destroy us.

David, the Socialist, told Hannity’s guest host ‘Rose Unplugged’ that conservatives will never win another election again.

David says, “We have the machines and we have the courts and we have the media and the game is over.”

We think they also have the educational system, the healthcare system, entertainment, and much of the government.

“We don’t want to unite with you. We want to destroy every last one of you,” the caller said.

He continued, “You had a good run, 200 and some odd years, great. And now it’s over with and there’s nothing that can be done about it. If you have no place to redress, no place to air your grievances, in other words, no court, then there’s nothing left to…just accept it, and move on.”


“David” called into the show again this week, and he was threatening.

“I hate your ideology more than I love myself,” he said. “In order to destroy your ideology – if I have to go down with you to beat you – I am prepared to do that.”

He’s willing to “go down with you,” he’s willing to do it. David’s willing to go into the “fire.” And on and on he goes. He thinks there is nothing we can do and that is where he is making his fatal error.

All we can say is we’ll be waiting for you, David.


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