DC AG is looking to charge rally speakers with inciting a riot


Pastor Jacob Feuerstein was one of the speakers at the mostly peaceful rally in Washington D.C. on January 6th. He had nothing to do with the riot nor was he anywhere near it. People who were present at the rally said there were over a million peaceful people there, certainly hundreds of thousands, and they had no idea that this fringe mob was assaulting the Capitol.

The speakers only wanted a peaceful rally, as the Right’s rallies have been historically. None encouraged an uprising.

The FBI, which knew about the upcoming plan to riot beforehand, actually spoke with some of the people planning it and told them not to do it. Yet, security was lax.

The confused FBI has interviewed the Speakers as if they were seditionists. The D.C. Attorney General might actually charge the speakers, claiming they incited the riot.

Several speakers, including other pastors, said they were interviewed by the FBI also. The FBI kept referring to the rally as an insurrection. It was a rally with a small percentage of fringe people rioting.

The media is calling it a Christian coup, which is also ridiculous. The DC AG Karl Racine is also considering charging President Trump. The Left is going for the Right’s free speech, but not the Left’s.

You can’t make this stuff up.

How’s that for unity.


Racine is giving the speakers’  and other Trump allies “full scrutiny of the law.”

“The inciting violence charge is a difficult charge to bring because there is a First Amendment right of free speech. However, speech that incites violence, speech that appears to be close to (comments made by speakers on January 6), certainly deserves the full scrutiny of the law. And that is what we’re doing in my office,” Attorney General Racine told CNN Friday.

“They’re talking about combat justice, not showing weakness, and fight on and fight on. Those words seem to be closer to words asking for violence,” Racine continued.

His advice to the president is to not say the election was rigged. Apparently, DJT doesn’t have free speech.




  1. The Left is scared to death, A million Patriots assembled peacefully to protest the handing over of this nation to ChiComn agents put in place by traitors. They are backed by tens of millions more.

  2. His only chance is if SCOTUS overturns itself from past decisions. They would need to throw out Stare Decisis which every Justice has maintained is necessary.

  3. At least Malcom X was honest about his burn it all down by any means necessary intentions.
    You can’t help but respect those who say what they mean and mean what they say.
    Too bad so sad on that coexist horseshit. (sad trombone)
    It does look cutesy and concern good feelz on the back of a Prius though.

  4. There is no branch including the DOJ can patriots trust anymore. While I know of nothing negative about the US Marshall Service nor the current Secret Service and especially not the Border Patrol, the FBI is a total joke which would be funny except since Obama, they have a history of going after innocent people just to make an arrest. But now watch the Harris/Biden administration will corrupt the Secret Service again as Obama did, then go after the US Marshals and Border Patrol. And, yes, Obama corrupted the SS hiring unqualified and immoral agents.

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