DC Anarchy, historic St. John’s Church in flames


We are watching complete anarchy in DC and it needs to stop soon. The damage the radicals are causing is mind-blowing. It is led by far-left agitators who don’t care at all about George Floyd. They care about their ideology and agenda.

There was a lot of planning and coordination. Some complained the phones were jammed later in the evening. Given they were using them to coordinate mayhem, it was a good idea if true.

In DC, radicals running amok set fire to historic St. John’s Church.

They set fire to trees in front of the White House.

This is a get out the vote for Biden movement. It’s how communists operate. They create mayhem and chaos, then place the blame on their target.

It’s hard to know what is going on here.

This isn’t funny, it’s anarchy.

The Black Lives Matter communist group was cheered by some medical professionals.

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