DC Attorney Drops Charges Against a Kidnapper Responsible for a Death


Woke US Federal Attorney Matthew Graves, who never met a Republican he won’t throw in a DC prison, dropped murder and kidnapping charges in three days against a female hijacker who kidnapped a woman, 55. The victim died after the hijacker crashed into a building housing U.S. attorney and attorney general’s offices.

Kayla Kenisha Brown, 22, hijacked a car while a passenger, Leslie Marie Gaines, 55, was still in the car. She was waiting for her daughter, who went to get her a wheelchair.

Mrs. Gaines was taken to the hospital after the crash and pronounced dead in the hospital.

Graves dropped the charges because the paramedics didn’t see signs of injury. So, Graves decided since the death was inconclusive, she was only guilty of unarmed carjacking.

Brown kidnapped Gaines, and her crash led to Gaines’s death, but there will be no justice because Graves is a woke warrior who will let minority criminals walk.

Graves is the attorney responsible for the two-year imprisonment of the praying Grandma for blocking an abortion clinic.

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