Democrat AG Merrick Garland Is Above the Law


According to the AP, the Justice Department won’t prosecute Attorney General Merrick Garland for contempt because his failure to respond to a congressional subpoena is not a crime. Garland said he won’t provide the audio because he doesn’t regard the congressional committee as legitimate.

It is exactly what Peter Navarro did, and he is in prison. It is what Steve Bannon did, and he will be in prison next month. They claimed executive privilege and said the J6 panel wasn’t legitimate, but it wasn’t.

In a letter to Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Justice Department official cited the agency’s “longstanding position and uniform practice” not to prosecute officials who don’t comply with subpoenas because of a president’s claim of executive privilege.

Donald Trump wasn’t entitled to executive privilege, but Biden was.

Americans should know what they are hiding. We already know they edited the transcript illicitly.

They are hiding it for political reasons.


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