DC bomb threat suspect surrendered


Several governmental buildings in Washington, D.C., were evacuated Thursday morning due to what Capitol Police call “an active bomb threat investigation” after a man drove a pickup truck onto a sidewalk.

He claimed he had a bomb.

Law enforcement negotiators worked on getting him to surrender. NBC News reports that the DC bomb threat suspect got out of his vehicle and surrendered to law enforcement.

They can’t say what the motive is yet.

The man told police he had a bomb, “while a live stream appeared to show the man making an anti-government rant and telling Joe Biden ‘The South is coming for you’,” The Daily Mail reported.

He allegedly wanted Biden to bomb Afghanistan to get the Americans out.

The man was seen with a large barrel, with what appears to be a button on top of it.

Describing the device to the camera, the man says: ‘I know you’re watching me. These wires on the side out this side right here, these run down to these wires. This is Tannerite. I’m sure they know what it is. Just come and talk to me Joe.’

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2 years ago

Traitor Joe and his friends are creating a lot of frustrated people in America. Patriots are just keeping their power dry until the time is right. That’s exactly what the Taliban did. We will see the occasional guy who has to make a statement, but if the Democrats try to steal another elections I hope they have friends in China who will take them in because that will probably the only place they will able to hide; if they can get out! Try to steal another election and the 1,000 or so big shots at the top of Government are going to have a tough time hiding from over 75,000,000 really pissed off Americans. If the Politician’s are depending on the Military, than they really are delusional. The 25% of Americans who support Democrats (and RINOs) will evaporate faster than the Afghan Army and will pray that Patriots don’t come after them for Un-American Activities or just plain treason. The only real wild card is will Communist Democrats cause both a Civil War and WWIII to try and save their candy asses? Remember, when dealing with a Proud Democrat, you’re dealing with an Insane Liberal Loser who is a full blown Ted Bundy level sociopath. If you look at what Democrats say and do that is just abundantly obvious.

Harmonica Virgins
Harmonica Virgins
2 years ago

False Flag productions must read this page.
Easy Long March comrades, there is plenty of Western Civ left to destroy.