Seattle’s Wasteland of Violent Crime and Defunded Police


Seattle Police, photo by Tiffany Von Arnim via flickr

According to a survey of 700 Seattle residents, two-thirds have actively considered leaving due to homelessness and public safety. A whopping 91 percent of Seattle voters say Downtown Seattle cannot fully recover until the homelessness crisis and public safety problems are addressed.

Voters do not trust the City Council on police reform, They strongly prefer an approach that includes fundamental reform and hiring more officers. As opposed to defunding and decriminalizing non-violent misdemeanors.

Officials are not addressing public safety. Seattle’s year-end crime report states violent and property crime is up. The new mayor uses the police he has to remove homeless encampments, as he promised on the campaign trail.


In fact, Seattle which led the way in defunding the police did not assign a detective to investigate a single case of a sex assault on an adult last month. They couldn’t, since they didn’t have the staff.

The skeleton crew remaining has only four detectives to handle sexual assaults. So, they devote themselves to child abuse cases, NPR local KUOW revealed.

“Our child cases are increasing due to the fact that children are coming back to school from Covid,” the Seattle Police employee said. “There’s more reporting, and we are seeing an aggressive level of child abuse than we have seen previously.”

Not one sexual assault case of an adult was given to a detective last month. The lone exception is if the perp was previously arrested. The information came from a whistleblower.

“The Seattle Police Department sexual assault unit is not at all investigating adult sexual assault reports or cases unless there was an arrest,” one police department source said.

The lack of manpower even means people reporting sex assaults are sometimes routed to an automated telephone hotline. The hotline is designed to handle non-urgent crimes such as stolen checks.

A number of officers are on extended leave, probably preparing to resign or retire. Some of those didn’t get vaxxed, which was another brilliant Leftist idea – make officers get vaccinated when you have a shortage due to defunding.

Seattle needs 1400  to 1500 deployable police staff and they have 888. They can no longer attract police recruits.

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